Nov 19 2009

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AIDS Orphans & Street Children

AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit

AIDS Orphans Rescue Unit

Sub-Saharan Africa is more heavily affected by AIDS than any other region of the world.  There are an estimated 14 million AIDS orphans and that number is expected to grow to 20 million by 2010.  The vision and goal of AOSC is to provide for children whose parents have died of the HIV/AIDS virus, and children or widows who do not have a sustaining family.

For more information visit:  AIDS Orphans & Street Children



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  1. TN_Mamato4

    As a mother of four, I struggled on my decision whether or not I could go with Teen Missions this Summer to Zimbabwe. Watching the videos of these orphans placed a burden on my heart like no other. The Lord has richly blessed our family, and Americans for that matter. I cannot wait to go share the love of Jesus with these precious children, and minister to them. I applaud Teen Missions for preaching to ALL nations!

  2. Katie

    Hi! I was wondering which staff member(s) worked with this program? I have a question about how to help. Thanks!

    1. Beth Kostner

      Just send an email to our office ([email protected]) with your questions.

  3. Edward

    Being a Christian, I take a different view of this and here’s why. I am on the Customer Advisory Board for a local Infectious Disease Clinic, which includes all those affected with HIV. As our case load increases, our funding decreases. And the largest number of our HIV clients are on SSDI, and they are fully aware of being in poverty, right here: in this country. I’m curious to see some kind of statistic on how many of these brave kids have actually been in a HIV Clinic? I can show them all the suffering they’ll even need to see, right here in this country.

    1. Beth Kostner

      The team members are not there just to see suffering, but to actually help those orphaned by Aids. Many of these orphans do not have anyone to take care of them and they can be very young. Many are responsible for other family members (including extended family members) who are younger than them. The government does not care for them—there is not a “foster care” system. Our goal is to help them become productive members of their society by providing them with a means to get an education, teach them how to grow crops, provide basic medical care, and share the love of Jesus with them, etc. Many of these orphans have never owned a pair of shoes and these teens will be going over with all of their clothes in a carry-on bag. Their duffel will be full of shoes and socks to give to the orphans. Needless to say, not only will the orphans benefit, but also the teens who are going to minister to them.

  4. Tammy Stonebrook

    God has given me a love for Africa and for the orphans in the world. I pray that the rest of the world is touched by this and that one day, people will realize the desperate NEED that is there…God bless teen missions for their work there!!

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