Jun 27 2011

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Cambodia English/Bicycle

Cambodia Dates: June 9 – July 28 — Work/Evangelism

Come serve the Lord in one of the poorest countries in the world, Cambodia. You will be blessed by the opportunity to be a shining light in this dark country.

After training in Phonics at the Lord’s Boot Camp, your journey begins with a flight to Los Angeles. From Los Angeles a connecting flight across the Pacific Ocean and the International Date Line takes you to Hong KongChina and on to Phnom Phen, Cambodia.

From the moment you exit the airport you will feel like you stepped into another world with tuk-tuks (motorized rickshaws) weaving through the markets and the merchants selling their goods. You will travel by truck to Kompong Chhnang where Teen Missions in Cambodia runs a Boot Camp.

After getting settled into your tents, you begin teaching classes to national teens preparing for the mission field. After the national commissioning your team will begin a new project using bicycles to travel to nearby villages to teach local children phonics. An exciting day of sightseeing awaits at the ancient Temple of “Angkor Wat” built in the 12th century.

You may have an opportunity to ride an elephant while going through the temple complex. Your day of sightseeing would not be complete without shopping for local souvenirs.

On your return to Florida, you will have an overnight in a hotel in Hong Kong, where you will have the chance to shop in the Chinese night market for last-minute souvenirs.

Estimated Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Cindy

    Is there an age limit on the oldest age you can be?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Cindy, You can be 20, but if you are 20 or older, we ask that you consider going as a leader.

  2. Rose

    What are the age requirements for this trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rose, You must be at least 13.

  3. Elsie Anne

    Hey there, everyone! I’m Elsie Anne and I am so excited to see how the Lord is going to work in this team this summer. :) I don’t have a facebook, but I am praying for you all. If you’d like to contact me my email address is [email protected]. I will also be blogging up until I leave for Boot Camp here: http://www.myjourneyasamissionary.blogspot.com

    Abundant Blessings In Christ,
    Elsie Anne
    Psalm 117

    P.S. Priscilla, are you still coming along? I didn’t see your name on the member prayer list.

  4. Stephanie McQuerry

    Hello, we were just wondering how many spots are still available for this trip.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Stephanie, There are 3-4 spots.

  5. Victoria P

    Do you know if we will have an electrical outlet on the field? I have a camera, but it requires charging. I even have a converter for my camera.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Victoria, You will not have access to electricity at Boot Camp or on the field. That is why we ask that you bring a camera with disposable batteries.

  6. sarah vermillera

    hey what will be housing on this trip, and also what day are they leaving boot camp?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Sarah, It will vary between dorms and tents, depending on the location.

  7. Abby f

    When will there be a posting of trips for 2013?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Abby, The 2013 trips will be up sometime this next summer-July or August.

  8. Abby f

    How many days will be spent in cambodia

    1. Beth Kostner

      Abby, Approximately 3 1/2 – 4 weeks.

  9. David

    i live in england i dont suppose i could go on any of these could i ?

    1. Beth Kostner

      David, Yes, you could. But you would need to provide your round-trip transportation to/from the States. We had a guy from NZ come last year.

  10. Bekah

    I’m going on this trip, too! Can’t wait to meet everybody :) Only 144 days till EBC!! 😀

  11. Lizzie

    How many leaders would there be?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Lizzie, It depends on the size of the team.

  12. Chris Davis

    Is there any spots left for leaders on this trip. Im 26 and went on a missions trip last year in Cambodia for 4 months and just been itching for a way to get back and help the country

    1. Beth Kostner

      Chris, Please call the Teen Missions office and ask for Leader Placement.

  13. larissa

    are there any more spots on this team?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Larissa, Yes, it is still open.

  14. John Welkener

    Are there any open spots for leaders on this team? I am 21 years old and an FTM (Zambia FW ’07 and Zambia MSSM I ’08)

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, Call the Leader Dept.

  15. Jill

    Are there any more spots left for girls on this trip?

  16. Christina

    So flights are not included in the set cost, and you should book your own?

    What exactly isn’t covered in the price so I can make a note?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Christine, Go on our web site and look under: 2012 Mission Trips-About/Boot Camp Training. All of that is listed.

  17. Priscilla

    I am super excited for this summer! 181 days left till EBC:)

  18. Alexandra Sarik

    Hey, when could be the latest date to register for this trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Alexander, The sooner you sign up, the better. At some point, we have to release airline seats. Also, the teams fill. By signing up early, you have more time to raise your support.

  19. Victoria P

    I can’t seem to find you also… :(

  20. Priscilla

    Hmm… Victoria, I looked you up on FB but it said “no results found” lol, so you can try looking me up under Priscilla Larson. My profile picture is a picture of me and my dog.

  21. Victoria P

    Priscilla, I signed up on this trip too! Do you have a facebook? If so, do you want to be “friends” ? My profile name is, Victoria Profio

  22. Priscilla

    I’m going on this trip:) Anyone else signed up?

  23. mclane bauman

    this trip looks so amazing! i was woundering if you would fly back to orlando and then back to were ever you live or if you would fly from L.A to in my case denver?

    1. Beth Kostner

      McLane, You need round trip transportation to/from Orlando. You will go to Boot Camp, then go to Cambodia, then back to Florida for Debrief before flying home.

  24. Dianna

    Hello, just wondering what does the price include? All airfares starting in LA? Food? Thx feel free to reply to my email instead

    1. Beth Kostner

      Dianna, It includes everything at Boot Camp (except personal spending money), transportation from Boot Camp to the project site and back to Debrief, food, ground transportation, work fund.

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