Jun 27 2011

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Kilimanjaro Backpack Tanzania

Tanzania Missions TripDates: June 20 – August 8 — Work/Evangelism

Expect great and mighty things as you head to Tanzania, East Africa, and set foot on Mt. Kilimanjaro, soaring over 19,000 feet above sea level. Imagine sharing the love of God with the Chaga people who make their home around the rugged mountain.

After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport, for a flight to Dulles International Airport in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Your next flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean, France, Italy and the Mediterranean Sea then over the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The team will take a continuing flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, just a 30-minute drive from your home base at the Teen Missions in Tanzania property in Embokoyi, Siha District, at the foot of snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Your time will be divided between continuing construction of the first buildings for the Teen Missions in Tanzania BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center and hiking to remote villages around the mountain to share the Gospel using drama and puppets, which will attract many curious villagers. In addition, you will show the JESUS Film and other Christian films in the Kiswahili language.

Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using a bucket. A visit to Arusha will give you a chance to purchase unique souvenirs of the Masai tribe, as well as traditional national clothing, drums, wood and soapstone carvings, bags, beautiful blue tanzanite stones and jewelry found only in Tanzania. Note: Members of this team should be in good physical health and free of respiratory difficulties.

Estimated Project Expense: $4690 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Andrew

    Should we bring a pillow with us?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Andrew, If you want one!

  2. Andrew

    How many T-shirts do you recommend for our work outfits? How often will be doing laundry.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Andrew, As many as you can fit in your weight limit. Once you are on the field, you will decide how often you do laundry depending on your free time.

  3. Andrew

    My two bathing suits are camo patterned. One is blue and gray and the other is grean and brown. Do they count as military like clothing? Is camo considered military?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Andrew, Yes that would be considered military-like clothing.

  4. Megan M.

    How does one go about carrying a 50 lb box through the airport? :)

    1. Beth Kostner

      Megan, He/she can rent a cart for $5.

  5. Andrew

    Am I allowed to bring a pocket knife/knives, such as a Swiss Army Knife, to boot camp and to Tanzania?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Andrew, Yes, you may, but you will need to put it in your luggage (not carryon).

  6. Kris

    I can’t find the team info sheet that was sent to us. Will my son need anything besides what is listed on the regular packing list?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Kris, No, he shouldn’t. Don’t forget the visa fee, departure taxes and deposits. He must also have a yellow fever shot.

  7. Mary Owens

    My daughter is arriving Tues. midnight for boot camp (Tanzania trip). I just want to confirm that she will be picked up at the airport in Orlando.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Mary, She needs to get her luggage and go to Delta Baggage Claim where we will meet her. Tell her to look for jeans, maroon polo shirt and boots (we stick out like sore thumbs…).

  8. Jill

    Do the passport type photos for the visa have to be proffesionally taken at walgreens or something.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, Unfortunately, yes. We are not sure they will require them, but sometimes they do and we want to be ready!

  9. Jessica

    Hey, so I was wondering if we are taking Our backpacks with us overseas. Or taking our duffel bags there and then picking up our backpacks.
    Thanks :)

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jessica, You will be using the backpacks from over there for backpacking. The ones you get here are not big enough.

  10. Anonymous

    I know this may be a weird question, but on the packing list it said to bring 1 or more rolls of toilet paper. Are we going to use it on the field or at bootcamp. I just need to know so I know how many rolls to bring.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Dear Anonymous, You will be issued one roll at Boot Camp and it will be bought on the field. However, the American “soft” TP is preferable to the sand paper you get overseas.

  11. Clare

    Hi! I’m packing right now and I’m wondering, does the 35 lb weight limit include the duffel bag an if so how much does it weigh? Thanks so much

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ciara, Yes, it does include the duffel bag. But you should be fine. It does not weigh much.

  12. Virginia


  13. Virginia

    Hi! I”m all signed up for this trip and everything, but I had some questions about night in Tanzania…I heard it would get down to maybe the 50s at night, so would you recommend bringing extra sweatpants and sweatshirt in case the sleeping bag isn’t warm enough?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Virginia, If it will fit in your weight limit. Long johns might be lighter.

  14. Nolan

    will you be doing this next year. i will be 12 next year but i am an experienced hikeing man.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Nolan, We are planning on it.

  15. Jill

    In the packing list it says water shoes are optional.
    Please tell me why i might need water shoes at bootcamp?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, Water shoes are NOT optional—they are required. You will need them if you are able to swim in the pool, at the lakes, etc. They will be used a lot at Boot Camp.

  16. anonymous

    Does teen missions supply the backpacks? Are se allowed to bring our own if we want?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Dear Anonymous, We have backpacks in Tanzania.

  17. BIGLando

    What is the number for the office so I can get more information?

    1. Beth Kostner

      BigLando, It is 321-453-0350. We are open 8:30-12 and 1-5 (EST).

  18. Ann


  19. Ann

    HI! Is it too late to sign up or 2012 summer trips?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, No. Please call the office for a list of available teams (we have already ticketed several). At this point, one-half of the project expense is required with registration.

  20. Brenda Lambert

    Beth, Thanks so much! I’ll keep looking for updates!

  21. Brenda Lambert

    Will there be a trip to kilimanjaro next year? My son really wants to go but we didn’t hear about it until a week ago.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Brenda, The 2013 teams will be on our web site at the end of July/beginning of August. Right now, it is in the plans, but that can change.

  22. Jill

    Will the 35lb weight limit for flying teams include the tent we will be carrying since we’re staying in tents.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, It does not include the tent. That is only for your personal belongings, including your bedding.

  23. lil

    What items does TMI give you (to keep) at registration?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Lil, You will get a carry-on, duffel, tee-shirt, travel shirt, mug, name badge, travel pillow, plate & bowl for Boot Camp and Debrief, memory packet with colored pencils, one roll of toilet paper and rain poncho.

  24. Anonymous

    i was on the Kilimanjaro team last summer, there was not a ton of hiking but the days that we did hike were long, about 33 km the first day (9hrs), the second day up the mountain was about 4 hours and the two other times were about 4 hours as well. it takes a lot of strength and even if you might not feel that you have the strength the Lord will help you through it! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens thee :) good luck all!

  25. Anonymous

    how much hiking is done per day? and how heavy are the backpacks?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rubygirl, The backpacks will contain your belongings, so it will be as heavy as you make it. The amount of hiking will vary depending on location.

  26. Sarah

    I am praying and thinking about going on either the Kijmanjaro, Cambodia, or the Zimbabwe mission trip next summer. And I was wondering if we are allowed to use cell phones to call and check in with our home while we are at Boot Camp and on the mission field. And if not are there any other ways to talk to our parents other than by letters? Thanks for your help!

    1. Beth Kostner

      Sarah, No cell phones. You can call your parents from the airport before flying out and when you return. The leaders will be sending in reports twice weekly and those will be posted on our web site (and maybe some pictures).

  27. jill

    A.M? :) jk

  28. Mackenzi

    Ohhhhh okay gotcha. =) Yes, ditto those prayers!

  29. jill

    Is there any difference b/w super boot camp & boot camp? How early do you wake up.

    I’ve been praying everday for everyone going. I hope God will provide the support for y’all.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, The dates are the only difference (and the teams). You wake up at 5:30.

  30. Jessica

    Mackenzi, thats the OTHER little Swayze (Josh).

    Hey guys,
    I’ll be praying for you that God will raise up the support you need. I hope everyone makes it this summer, look forward to seeing you all 😀

  31. mj

    could you tell me which countries still have openings?

    1. Beth Kostner

      mj, The following teams are closed: Zimbabwe, Kilimanjaro, Italy, Cameroon, Haiti, China, Zambia WF (has one guy spot), Orphan Angels. The following have been cancelled: Philippines, Mongolia, Iceland, PNG, & Sweden.

  32. Allie

    how many in total are going on the trip? just wondering..thanks

    1. Beth Kostner

      Allie, We will take up to 25 team members on most teams.

  33. mj

    how will i know if and when the spot opens up?

    1. Beth Kostner

      MJ, My advice is to go ahead and register (put down all four choices) and request to be put on the waiting list. Once a spot opens up, then we can move you (and all your support) over. We cannot guarantee there will be a spot. There are two on the waiting list right now. There would be a $30 switch fee. You need to indicate on the registration form that you want on the waiting list.

  34. mj

    is there a room for two more boys?

    1. Beth Kostner

      MJ, That team is full at this time. However, that may change due to cancellations and switches.

  35. jill

    I found it!

  36. Mackenzi

    little Swayze! 😀 are you on Jaro, too?!?!? I thought you were on Germany?
    If you can’t find it, put http://www.facebook.com/groups/239502509472068/ in your URL address bar, log in, and you’ll be there. request to join and you’ll be added. Or if you want to find me & I’ll add you, type “Mackenzi Demary” in your search bar and add me, and I’ll put you in the group myself. =) If you do that, message me that you’re from Jaro, otherwise I’ll probably think, “who’s that?.. ignore friend request” but if I know you’re from here, I’ll probably think, “omgosh yay another one I get to meet ahead of time! add! =D” haha! =)

  37. Allie

    I couldn’t locate the group either.

  38. jill

    Mackenzi I tried looking up your facebook group but it didn’t pop up.

  39. Jessica

    Mackenzi!! It’s little Swayze 😀 I saw my mother joined your group on FB haha Ill be joining in June. Thanks for making it :)

  40. Mackenzi

    Hey guys, I made a Facebook group called “Kilimanjaro Backpack 2012 TMI” for us to get to know each other ahead, look it up. =)

  41. Ashley

    I was wondering if their was room left for one girl 17 years of age?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ashley, Right now, it is full. But that can change tomorrow or it could be a couple of weeks.

  42. Emmett WOrth

    so i think it would be good to learn a little about our teamates (those of us going on the trip) before boot camp. Contact me if you want to connect with the others planning to go on the trip. ([email protected] or http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000258614985)

  43. Mackenzi

    yo Chelsea! pray about it – God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. <3

  44. Chelsea

    Hello. I was just wondering if this was all a pay up front type of thing.. or if this would be a payment plan and if there were any fundraising of any type? I would love to go on missions.. but 5000 dollars is ALOT for me.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Chelsea, We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support along with other support-raising ideas. We have “goals” on your finances, but the total amount due is the day you arrive at Boot Camp.

  45. Anonymous

    Thanks, Beth!

  46. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m kind of what you might call a “selective eater”. So, I was just wondering what kind of food we’ll have. Like, will there be desserts? Are there side dishes? Sorry, but that’s my biggest fear about the Lord’s Boot Camp and the trip. :)

    1. Beth Kostner

      Dear Anonymous, There will be desserts and side dishes. You will choose to eat from what is provided for you. However, you will never be allowed to just choose desserts. You are required to eat all that you take-no throwing away of food.

  47. hillary

    hi there im wondering how much hiking we would have to do. like how many hours a day? and like steep hills? i am not in that good shape but i really feel called to this trip.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Hillary, You will be working and also hiking around the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  48. jinmin

    Are there any spots left? i am very interested in this trip, but it’ll be my first mission, so do you recommend for me to go?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jinmin, It is full to girls, but no waiting list. There is still room for a couple of guys. Yes, I would recommend it!

  49. Mackenzi

    Gotcha. Thank you!

  50. Mackenzi

    I just registered. Thing is, I forgot to indicate I wanted to be on the wait list for this one! Epic fail. Can that be clarified without having to re-register with another $30? =/

    1. Beth Kostner

      Mackenzi, Yes, we will put you on the waiting list. If you chose to switch when there is an opening, then you would need to pay the $30 switch fee.

  51. Mackenzi

    I’m sure feeling called here, but since it’s full there’re some things I need to know before signing up for a wait list.

    If I were to sign up for a wait list, would I receive a support packet or not? If I raised support, would my account just be on some sort of standby mode or something?

    When would be the latest date I would know whether I’d be able to participate? I realize this is dependent on those girls currently signed up, but how many teammates per team on average cancel or switch? Based on that, how likely is it someone will drop from this team in the near future?

    If no slots open up, can my registration fee be applied to another team?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Mackenzi, My advise is to go ahead and sign up. There is no one on the waiting list and you could even get it when placed if there has been a cancellation. Your chances of getting off the waiting list are high since you would be the first one on it. If you go ahead and sign up and put it down as your first choice and get on your second choice, you would be raising support which will all switch over when you are switched. However, there is a $30 switch fee.

  52. Jinmin

    Are spots for boys still available? I am interested in joining this mission.

  53. Mackenzi

    Is this still open to girls??

    1. Beth Kostner

      Mackenzi, It just filled to girls today.

  54. Beth

    I’m going to Kilimanjaro Africa. I’m going to Kilimanjaro Africa! …It’ll sink in one of these days. 😉

  55. Jessica

    I just got registered last night! I’m so exited to see you all this summer!

  56. Jill

    Is there a way to double check if your for sure registered. I just signed up for this trip this afternoon and am Phsyced

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, The offices are closed until the first week in January. If you submitted your registration form and the fee, you should get the team.

  57. Jill

    Will it be cold or hot on this trip because i’m wandering what to pack for it

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, Probably a more pleasant to really cool (especially at night)

  58. Jill

    Thanks for answering my questions (-:

  59. Jill

    are therestill spots left

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, Yes there are spots on Kilimanjaro, Peru, China, Ecuador, Haiti & Cambodia. Zambia WF is closed to girls.

  60. Jill

    Do you guys still have spots open for girl? because I’d really like to go on this trip

  61. KayCee :)

    How hard would it be to raise the money for this trip if I signed up immediately?

    1. Beth Kostner

      KayCee, That depends on your support base. You still have plenty of time!

  62. Katie

    Hey! going on trips with tmi runs in my family, this would be the second trip for myself. my heart is being called back to the field and i was wondering if TMI would allow me to go as leader because i have dreadlocks now? they are very well kept

    1. Beth Kostner

      Katie, Please contact the leader dept.

  63. Emmett

    Registered for the Trip!!!!!

  64. KayCee :)

    One more question. How much of the trip cost goes for tuition for a teen in another country?

    1. Beth Kostner

      KayCee, Most of the money goes for travel and food.

  65. KayCee :)

    Beth, thanks so much for answering all these questions. :) I have another one for you. How many girls spots are open?

    1. Beth Kostner

      KayCee, We still have 8 spots for girls.

  66. Virginia

    Are there still spots open for girls?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Virginia, Yes.

  67. KayCee

    What exactly constitutes good physical shape? Just wondering…

    1. Beth Kostner

      KayCee, You must be able to hike the base of a mountain.

  68. Emma Young

    signed up, super excited to see what God’s gonna do on this trip! (: if you guys want to add me on FB, send me a message http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Young/1620155668

  69. KayCee

    Are the girls spots filled?

  70. Emma Young

    would I be able to bring my guitar on this trip?

  71. Liz

    Can you be 18 to go on this trip? 19? Also, it says you can raise support-what is support? Are there payment plans? Thank you, you guys look like you are doing a wonderful job!

    1. Beth Kostner

      Liz, Yes, you can be 18. You can pay it yourself, but we suggest you get people behind you financially. As long as it it paid in full by the time you arrive at Boot Camp, that is fine.

  72. CR

    A similar trip caught my eye last year and I realized I was too late for it. This one seems like a possibility, though. Any place for a male who will be 21, has previous mission experience, and will have had a year of Swahili lessons before summer? Any place with testimonies, videos, or more info about this trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      CR, Please email our office ([email protected]) and request the Leadership Department.

  73. devan rose brush

    hey beth, i am seriously considering choosing this team but im only 14, and im kinda small too.. 5’1 . but i loove sports & in good physical condition. im up for the challenge.. but do you think this would be too much for me?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Devan, Go for it!

  74. Leah

    Is the bootcamp and debrief included in the dates above? Or are those separate to the dates of the actual project?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Leah, Yes, the dates are all-inclusive.

  75. Leah

    Is the cost for plane tickets included in the price?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Leah, It does not include your round-trip transportation to/from Florida.

  76. Victoria

    I am very interested!! What is the deadline? When should I sign up??

    1. Beth Kostner

      Victoria, Sign up as soon as possible. That will give you more time to raise your support. Teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  77. Clayton Yost

    This Trip has also caught my eye. So I went to church today and my friend got back from a mission trip in arizona from this orginisation. so it made me relize i’ve dont alot of christian stuff in my state but i want to go father i want to go to a diffrent Country. i dont want to just help people in my country but i want to help build places for others in other country’s. I want others in diffrent countrys to learn about god.so I want to try to go to this trip.

  78. andrew hansen

    ive been praying on a trip to go to and this is the one that got my attention the most so im ganna try to keep my grades up and raise the money please pray for me on those to please

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