Jul 01 2011

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Peru Church

2005 Peru Missions TripDates: June 20 – August 12 — Work/Evangelism

Peru—land of the Incas and some of the most majestic mountains in the world, the Andes!

After completing Boot Camp, you bus to the Miami International Airport. A connecting flight takes you across the Straits of Florida, Cuba, the Caribbean Sea, and the Equator before arriving in Lima, the capital of Peru. Here you change planes for your flight across the Andes to Pucallpa, a jungle city located in the Amazon Basin on the Ucayali River, which merges into the Amazon River and flows over 2,000 miles to the Atlantic Ocean.

Your project is to continue construction on a church building for the Bible Missionary Church, El Shaddai. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets.

During free time you will be able to share the Gospel with neighborhood kids using music, puppets, drama and testimonies. You may ride a tricycle cab into town and barter for Indian items in the local market such as beads, spears, baskets and other items.

Estimated Project Expense: $3990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Ann K.

    Good luck to everyone going to boot camp tomorrow. God Bless!!!

  2. John Imperial

    Thank you sooooo much

  3. John Imperial

    Sorry, i didn’t make my last question clear. Can we bring shorts to use as sleepware?
    Also, can we bring beef jerky to the field?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, Yes and yes. Turn the beef jerkey into your leaders to hold for you as you can’t have it at Boot Camp.

  4. Amy Morgan

    Thanks, Beth.

  5. Amy Morgan

    Also, the addresses for sending them mail say Team 11011. Is that a typo from last year?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Amy, Yes, it should be 12024. Sorry!!!!

  6. Amy Morgan

    If I understand it correctly, the Team Fact Sheet says that they will have an overnight in Lima before they fly to Pucallpa. Where will they be spending the night?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Amy, There was a mistake in the itinerary. The flight numbers are the same, but they are only in the airport for a few hours.

  7. John Imperial

    soo we can bring it to the field?
    Also, can we bring shorts to sleep in?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, I would send one roll as TP overseas can be like sandpaper.

  8. John Imperial

    Also, what is a TP?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, Toilet Paper.

  9. John Imperial

    We will be able to bring stuff like beef jerky to the field or boot camp?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, Not Boot Camp.

  10. Laura B.

    Hi again! Do we need to bring a notebook for taking notes or will we be issued one? Thanks.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Laura, You might want to bring a journal for taking notes, etc.

  11. Lily

    From the information sheet it seems like I can bring a musical instrument; is there anything more I should know before bringing my violin?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Lily, Yes, you may.

  12. Laura B.

    Hi! I was just wondering if dish bags and small backpacks (like the one in the most recent pre-trip update video) are available for purchase at Boot Camp. Thanks!

    1. Beth Kostner

      Laura, Yes!

  13. John Imperial

    Are all of the books at the Teen Mission library christian?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, Of course.

  14. John Imperial

    Hi, my construction video is not working. Is it to late to get a new one?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, No. Please email the office ([email protected]).

  15. Priscilla

    Will we have the opportunity in Peru to buy shampoo, soap etc.. once we get there? I just want to be able to determine whether the amount I bring will have to last just BC or both BC and the field.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Priscilla, Yes, it will be available. I am not sure how quick you will go shopping.

  16. Ann K.

    We only need passports, right? YES.

  17. John Imoerial

    thanks you

  18. John Imperial

    Hi again, I was wondering, while we are i Peru, will we be able to buy souvenirs like arrow heads or stuff like that?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, If they are available and legal to take out of the country, then you can.

  19. John Imperial


  20. John Imperial

    Oh and one last question, what is the tool that we are supposed to bring?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, The Tool List is coming in the May newsletter.

  21. John Imperial

    I was just wondering, but what is a care package?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, ANY package. You can only receive letters.

  22. John Imperial

    What kind of books will we be able to bring on the trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      John, As stated in the General Fact Sheet, you cannot bring ANY books. We provide a library of mission biographies.

  23. Ann K.

    Ok. Sorry.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Not a problem. I know it can get confusing!

  24. Ann K.

    Will someone pick us up from the airpot to take us to boot camp? (coming to florida)

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Please read your literature as most of your questions will be answered. Yes, someone will pick you up if you are in the 24 hour allotted time window.

  25. Ann K.

    Oh, ok. Thank you.

  26. Ann K.

    Wait… what depends on the size of the team?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, If the team is small, you may have fewer leaders.

  27. Ann K.

    Ok, thank you!!!!!!

  28. Ann K.

    Is Peru on the schedule for next year?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Yes it is on the list. The final list will be out in late July/early August.

  29. Ann K.

    What do you receive at registration?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Poncho, tee-shirt, travel shirt, TP, gloves, tray/bowl (for Boot Camp and Debrief only-you need to bring a plate and bowl for the field), cup, ID badge, duffel and you will get the carry-on before travel.

  30. Ann K.

    How long is free time?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Free time is about 45 minutes.

  31. Ann K.

    How many leaders go on the trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, It depends on the size of the team.

  32. Ann K.

    What things get a Special Blessing (and why do they call it that)?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, SBs will be explained at Boot Camp.

  33. Ann K.

    Do you share a tent with another person from the same trip (Peru, China, ect.)? Do all the girls from the same trip have tents right next to each other?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Yes and yes.

  34. Ann K.

    Is there one area for all the girls tents and another for the boys tents?

    1. Beth Kostner

      They are separated by leader’s tents.

  35. Ann K.

    How much free time do we have. On free time do we ever leave the camp?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, There is an allotted free time every day unless you have Special Blessings (which means you got in trouble for something). There is also an allotted bath and laundry time. No, you will not leave Boot Camp until after Commissioning.

  36. Ann K.

    Abshiro, they give you prayer cards that they send to people, and you send them out to people asking for $25 for four months.

  37. Abshiro Omar

    sounds interesting i would really love to go and help but too bad i can’t because its expensive.
    i’ll keep praying till God gives me a chance to go too

  38. Ann K.

    how do we bathe with buckets?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, They will teach you at Boot Camp!

  39. Ann K.

    Ok, thank you.

  40. Ann K.

    How many people are assigned to a tent in boot camp?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Two.

  41. Ann

    Are we allowedd to send notebooks evnelopes and stamps with them for flordia and peru and will they be able use them and take them

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, You can for Boot Camp and Debrief, but they will need Peruvian stamps for Peru.

  42. ann

    when is commissioning day for peru? besides parents are boyfriends allowed to come?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, If you are a team member, the dates are in your monthly letters. Commissioning is open to the general public.

  43. ann

    should i sent postage with them? or will they have to use perus postage?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, You can send postage for Boot Camp. They will have to buy stamps in Peru.

  44. Ann

    Where can i find the information on mailing letters to someone going on this trip and while they are in flordia

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Their prayer cards should have the mailing address. The addresses will be posted on our web site later in the spring.

  45. Priscilla

    Can I switch over to this team?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Priscilla, Call the office on Monday.

  46. Tony Alfaya Jr.

    Is there a team facebook page set up yet? When will the list of team members be sent out?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Tony, The Individual Team Fact Sheets will be sent out next month. Teen Missions does have a FB page (https://www.facebook.com/teenmissions).

  47. Ann

    Hey Katie. How old are you? I’m want of going on the Peru trip next year too.

  48. jill

    how will i know which day i will leave? august 8th or 12th is says what will determine the leaving day? also will i be able to write or email friends and family? are phone calls allowed?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, Peru’s “go day” is August 12. You may fly between 9 AM and 3 PM.

  49. Katie

    I am not going on this trip this year but I’m considering going next year. I live in Italy but in an American military base. Would I still be aloud to go??

    1. Beth Kostner

      Katie, Yes, you would be allowed to go. However, you would need to obtain your round-trip transportation to/from Florida.

  50. Jill

    What airport would i fly into for Florida and will it be the same for when i leave?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, This information is in your monthly letters. You fly into the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and leave out of the same airport.

  51. Jill

    Would it be possible to get more information then whats on the site? What airport would i fly into for Florida and will it be the same for when i leave?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, I am not sure what you mean by “what’s on the site”. The airport information is above.

  52. jill

    where can i get more information on the trip ?or is it too late to sign up?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Jill, It is not too late to sign up. The information is on our web site.

  53. Donglin

    Is there still room for both boys and girls? I was perusing the website for trips and was wondering what trips are still open to girls at this point, I know it is getting pretty late.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Donglin, Yes, it is still open to both. You can call the office and we can let you know what is still available.

  54. Devin Miller

    I know I’m asking pretty late here, but is there still room on this trip? Thanks.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Devin, Yes.

  55. Chelsea Parrott

    are we supposed to be at boot camp by the 20th…or are we supposed to get there on the evening of the 19th..er what…???

    1. Beth Kostner

      Chelsea, You can arrive anytime in this 24 hour window-10 AM on June 19 until 10 AM on June 20. If you flight arrives at 10:15 AM, then you need to make sure the flight is on the 19th.

  56. Chelsea Parrott

    Thanks Beth 😀

  57. Ann

    Ok thanks

  58. Ann

    what is the difference between the OC and Moses???

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, The Moses OC is the big OC (the main one).

  59. Chelsea Parrott

    Hi umn…I’m already registered to go to this…but I was wondering how much money I would have to raise since I’m Canadian and it’s a Iil more ….????

    1. Beth Kostner

      Chelsea, Canadian and American are the same amount at this time.

  60. Ann

    Will it help if we can speak some Spanish?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Yes, that will help, but is not a requirement.

  61. Ann

    Whats the difference between the Moses and the OC? Thanks

  62. Mitchell White

    Okay, thanks for answering my question.

  63. Mitchell White

    Quick question: Is there room left on this trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Mitchell, Yes.

  64. Ann

    Is there going to be a peru trip in 2013?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, At this point, we don’t know.

  65. Ann

    Do we need to bring our own shampoo and conditioner?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, You can bring your own or you can buy it in Peru. However, it will not be the quality you are used to here.

  66. Ann

    Do we have to bring out own shampoo and conditioner?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Yes. You can usually buy shampoo overseas, but not always conditioner. It will count in your weight limit of 35 lbs.

  67. Ann

    Do we stay in tents in florida and peru?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Yes, for Florida. You are probably in a building in Peru, but that can change.

  68. Ann

    Do we bring our own shampoo and conditioner to Florida and Peru?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, Yes.

  69. Abby f

    Are there still spots open for girls

    1. Beth Kostner

      Abby, Yes.

  70. Ann

    If I am planing on going on the 2013 trip, when should i register, December?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, You can register this summer once the brochure is online.

  71. Rachel

    If I have any medical questions, do I call the office?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rachel, Yes, please call.

  72. Ashley McCain

    I found a flight in the correct time frame. On to another topic – you have had a team in this area before. Did the team members take malaria pills? The CDC website says there is a low risk in Peru, and gives elevations and other geographic descriptions about where there is risk, but I really don’t know where you are going. Did the team last summer have lots of mosquitos around them? Did they sleep with mosquito netting? Local doctors aren’t much good for giving advice, because they have never been where you are going.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ashley, Please call our office.

  73. Nathan

    Are there still spots available for the Peru trip?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Nathan, Yes, Peru is still open.

  74. Ashley McCain

    Most of the less expensive return flights that I can find for the going home date leave at 6:55 AM from Orlando. The fact sheet says to plan flights between 9 AM and 3 PM. Is 6:55 AM ok, or do I need to pay more for a later flight? (from Ashley’s mom)

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ashley’s Mom, Please call our office.

  75. Ashley McCain

    Thank you. The wording was confusing on page 9. It said Denim jeans, skirts or jumpers may not be worn to church. I thought that meant we could not wear jeans, skirts, or jumpers to church.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ashley, NOTHING denim to church! :)

  76. Ann

    How much spending money do we bring? Does Peru have it’s own currency?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, All that information is in the General Fact Sheet. Spending money and dress code policies are in the GFS. Shorts are not allowed except over a swimsuit (not a cover-up).

  77. Ann

    Can we wear shorts during the day as long as they are not to short. It seems like it would get hot if we have to wear pants all day long

  78. Ann

    How cold does it get in Florida at night?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, It usually get down in the low 70’s, but can get in the 60’s.

  79. Ashley McCain

    What are we suposed to wear for church on the trip? It does not say in the packet.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ashley, Church dress is included in the General Fact Sheet. You must wear a skirt or dress that goes at least to the knees. It cannot be of jean material.

  80. Ashley McCain

    Are we aloud to bring gum for the airplane rides to and from peru?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ashley, Yes, and you may have it at Boot Camp.

  81. Jill

    are there still spots left on this trip

  82. Ann

    Beth, is there any additional packet specific to peru that you can send, so that you can look it over, and learn more about it before you go? Without having to register? Thank you!

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, We send out a Specific Team Fact Sheet later in the spring when we have the most up to date information.

  83. Ann

    When it says Super Boot Camp June 12-August 20, does that mean that those are the dates for the entire trip? That can’t be all boot camp.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, The dates are all inclusive (Boot Camp, project time and Debrief). Super Boot Camp arrival day is between 10 AM on June 19 – 10 AM on June 20 and “go home” day is on August 8 or 12 (depending on team)

  84. Ann

    On average, how many people go on the Peru trip? How many spots are there to be filled?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, We have 25 spots on most teams. Some teams are smaller depending on the airlines or team requirements (OA is smaller due to the number of bikes available).

  85. Greg Darby

    How many total spots are available for Peru? thanks

    1. Beth Kostner

      Greg, There are plenty of spots left on Peru.

  86. Ann

    What is the difference between super boot camp and reg. boot camp? And will there be a Peru trip in 2013? Thanks

    1. Beth Kostner

      Ann, The difference is the dates.

  87. Kami

    Hey everybody! I was also with Sara Thomas on this team last year and God really worked through our team and the El Shaddai Chruch there. You will LOVE the God-fearing church body; you’re family no matter who are/were, where you have come from or what you believe. The familie’s name you will be staying with are the Galans (they are soooo sweet). I get updates from them and they tell me that they are desperately trying to get the finances to construct a better home for their family and the incoming teams. They are very passionate about their youth ministry, and they care deeply for the teams that visit them.
    I loved this church body so much, I highly recommend Pucallpa, Peru at El Shaddai Church. =)

  88. Sara Thomas

    Hey, I have gone to Pucallpa, Peru two consecutive summer with Teen Missions Int. to construct this El Shaddai Church. I am considering going a third summer to finish the project. Will this team be working on that project or is there a new project now?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Sara, That is the project we have.

  89. Rachel

    Why was the Honduras trip canceled?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rachel, There were several reasons. Hopefully, there will be one in 2013.

  90. Amy

    Beth, is the Honduras horseback trip canceled? I don’t see it on the 2012 missions list?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Amy, Yes, it is.

  91. Rachel

    I was wondering if i need to go to the doctors for shots or something? Will we get that in the packet what shots we need?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rachel, No shots are required for Peru (to my knowledge), but you will need to check with your physician on he/she recommends.

  92. Rebekah

    Just wondering- is this team filling up fast?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rebekah, There is still plenty of room.

  93. Allison Van Dyke

    Located in the United states

  94. Allison Van Dyke

    What are the other base camps?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Allison, Check our website.

  95. Allison Van Dyke

    Thank You, also by the way is your only base camp in florida or do you have other places too? My friend would like to know if phone calls home are allowed (cell phone).
    god bless you- allison

    1. Beth Kostner

      Allison, No cell phones are allowed. We do have other bases all over the world.

  96. Brett

    So it covers a round trip to and from peru or no?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Brett, Yes.

  97. cassie

    how long is boot camp?

  98. Brett

    woops plane*

  99. Brett

    The Money does not cover the plain ticket. Correct?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Brett, Not to and from Florida, but it does cover the airfare from FL to the country.

  100. Brett

    How much time will be spent in Peru? not boot camp.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Brett, About four weeks.

  101. cassie

    i would llove to do this! but my parents need more imformation aabout this?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Cassie, If they have specific questions, have them call or email us. You can also email us your physical address and we will send you the brochure.

  102. cassie

    What does all the money cover?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Cassie, The majority of the money covers transportation to and from your project site. There is also food, work funds, the things you get at Boot Camp (duffel, carry-on, etc.), etc.

  103. Anthony

    Will there be any kind of fundraising? Or will we have to raise the money ourselves?

    1. Beth Kostner

      Anthony, We provide prayer cards and letters and you raise your support.

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