Oct 13 2011

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Peanut Kids Boot Camp | Information for Parents

Parent information about the Peanut Kids Boot Camp with Teen Missions International.


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  1. nancy

    my husband and i need help with my step daughter. ..she’s almost 8 and is out of control…we need help and boot camp is to insanely intense for her but corrective behavior beyond what we are capable is needed.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Nancy, Thank you for your post. We are not the type of Boot Camp that deals with discipline issues.

  2. safryn

    Hi I really need help with my 8 year old son I did everything I can to get him help I’m a single mom with 3 kids an it’s hard for me to handle him I live in Florida I’m looking for a boot camp that takes his age an hopefully takes medicaid insurance to pay for it I’m not receiving child support or any help so if anyone knows of any type of source I can get him involved with please let me know thanks

    1. Beth Kostner

      Safryn, I am sorry, but we are not a discipline-type Boot Camp. We are an organization that exposes the Peanuts to missions.

  3. kelly

    Hi what state is this in? I’m looking for a discipline camp for my 8 year old son.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Kelly, We are in Florida. The Peanut program is for 10 days.

  4. Rachael

    I need information looking for a place to send my 8 year old daughter immediately

    1. Beth Kostner

      Rachael, Our Peanut Program (10 days) is this summer. Please see our website (www.teenmissions.org) for more information.

  5. Yomairis Gordon

    Hi, please contact me via-email. I really need to talk to you about my four year old.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Yomairis, Most of the staff is on deputation/vacation until mid-September. Please call our office after that time with your questions (321-453-0350).



    1. Beth Kostner

      Jennifer, The web page is wwww.teenmissions.org and the phone number is 321-453-0350.

  7. Melissa Flom

    Hi my daughter, Gabriella, is signed up to attend camp this summer. She is on the Peanut team, Nehemiah’s Trusses. I am interesed in information about volunteering during the week that she is there. I would also like to know how I can get the Peanut Fact Sheet. I have not received one in the mail and I can not locate it on the website.

    Thanks so much!
    Melissa Flom
    [email protected]

    1. Beth Kostner

      Melissa, Please call our office tomorrow and ask for the Volunteer Department. We are working on the Peanut Fact Sheets.

  8. Minnie J. Cho

    my name is Minnie J. Cho, mother of two boys 8 & 4, Korean, Christian, living in NJ. ^.^

    I was looking for Christian Boot Camp for my 8 yr old son and I found you.
    I watched videos for Peanut Kids Boot Camp. And I am very interested sending my child.

    I would like to find out when the camp is open. How to register, cost and so.

    Please send me more information about it to my email address submitted.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Beth Kostner

      Minnie, Please check our web site. The cost is listed and you can register online.

  9. Katherine Schmandt

    I would like more information on the Peanuts Boot Camp. Thank you,

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