2016 Mission Trips

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  • China — Teen Trip
    China — Teen Trip
    Spend your summer ministering to children and youth in China by teaching at an English camp!
  • Malawi Well Drilling
    Malawi Well Drilling
    Imagine having to walk miles just to get drinking water each day! Come to Malawi, Africa and bring not only water, but also the living water of Christ to the Malawi people as you work hand in hand with local Malawians to provide a well for a local village.
  • Sweden
    Experience a summer in the natural beauty of Sweden, land of the midnight sun. Take a cool dip in the North Sea and experience 18 hours of daylight.

Experience Medical Missions, Disaster Relief, TESL (teaching English as a second language)  and more. Share Christ using Sports (Soccer, Volleyball), Drama, Music and Testimony. Carry the gospel using backpacking, motorcycles, and bikes. Work teams perform renovation / construction of churches, schools and orphanages.

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Short Term Mission Trips — More important now than ever!

A pioneer in short-term missions, Teen Missions exists to launch teens, preteens, adults, and children into lifetime missions involvement by training and mobilizing them to make an eternal worldwide impact now.

We offer the “bravest and toughest” training at the primitive Lord’s Boot Camp. Training activities include a timed Obstacle Course as well as classes in Bible, spiritual, and practical survival skills.  Work teams learn learn how to perform basic construction by hand.  Evangelistic teams receive advanced training in evangelism, drama, music and puppets (for children’s ministry). Specialty teams also train for ministry using motorcycles, backpacks and horseback. Special projects use medical relief, well drilling, English as a second language (ESL), Foreign Film making and much more.  Work teams have built churches, orphanages, schools, mission airstrips, wells for clean drinking water and even a hospital. Start Here… Go Anywhere!

Teen Missions International is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. The ministry has grown with overseas bases in over 22 countries that also run national Boot Camps and Bible Schools in addition to remote evangelistic outreach using motorcycles (Motorcycle Sunday School Mission — MSSM) and orphan relief ministry (AIDS Orphans & Street Children —AOSC).


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  28. Hi Beth Kostner!
    This is Former TMI staff Kelly writing to you from India. How are you and Paul? We are doing fine here. I actually know of some young Indian national youth who might be interested in participating in the India Boot Camp. What are the dates and location for 2014 and 2015. Don’t know if you are the correct person to give those details but could you find out for me and let me know?

    Kelly (Stewart ) Bandaru

    • Kelly, GREAT to hear from you. If you email the office, they will pass your email along to the India base. Their Boot Camp begins soon.

  29. Hi, I was wondering, on the ones labeled ‘second boot camp’, does that mean that you must have completed another trip through Teen Missions International first? Or is it possible to do those before doing another one first. I am 16, will be 17 when I can go, I have been to Guatemala on missions before and am interested in the madagascar motorcycle mission.

  30. To whom it may concern,
    I’m look for a summer mission trip and i was interested in any of the US mission trips. I was just wondering about pricing. I live in Austin Texas and would also kike to know what transportation would be required and/or provided. I am 14, but I would really like to serve over the summer. Thank you,


    • Emi, The trips are listed on our website along with the costs. You will need to provide your round-trip transportation to/from Florida. The transportation to your project country is in the amount you raise.

  31. My daughter just received your brochure and wants to join the Uganda crew this summer. Are there still spots available?

  32. Are there any openings for the teen mission trips?

  33. Train a child while he/she is young that when they have grown up they should not depart from the way of truth. Boot camp is good it trains young people the way of the Lord and also in different skills which are helpful in there day to day life

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