Asenek, Richard & Mercy (Fall 2008)

Asenek Family – Fall 2008

We are saved to serve and learning to transform.

Romans 1:16, 12:2

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We write to you from the Teen Mission base in Nsongwa, Bamenda, in the Northwest province of Cameroon. This is our seventh year of serving the Lord with Teen Missions. We wish to let you know the wonderful things God is doing in our lives.

This year God has done much in our lives in the field of learning. In the month of February we saw ourselves in the air, going to Malawi for the African Summit, a week-long meeting for the Teen Missions staff in Africa. What a great joy and experience it was for us to go on an airplane for the first time! While in Malawi only God knows how much new and fresh knowledge we acquired from all the classes we were taught. Praise His Holy Name for our return home to continue our ministry. It was like new wine being put into new bottles, making the ministry work more successful and enjoyable in all aspects. Truly God saved us so that we might serve others and enable us to learn so as to transform the world. May He take the honor.

Praise God, our family has grown larger. On Saturday, June 28, 2008, at about 11:00 a.m., Mercy gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom we named James. James was born two weeks before our summer Boot Camp here in Cameroon, which started on July 12. We couldn’t believe it, but God provided for us and Mercy was able to recover to help supervise the Boot Camp kitchen. Thompson and Jesse now attend a nursery school in the nearby town and Rita, our adopted daughter, moved into a secondary school this year. We thank God for the Mahers, who make provisions for her school requirements. We regret to let you know about a critical situation in our family, Richard’s mother has been very ill since February. After about six months of examinations and different diagnoses, the doctor has found that Mama has liver cancer. Because of this, Mama is now living with us and taking her treatment and waiting to see what the Lord will do. WE TRUST HIM FOR HE IS ABLE.

Summer has come and gone for our Boot Camp time here in Cameroon. This year we had 153 kids come from all over the country to learn about God and other valuable things in life. We had 10 days of training, and we are thankful for the help of the MTCs (“Missionaries to Cameroon”—the North American team). We sent out the teams to various towns and villages to do three weeks of evangelism. Thanks to Teen Missions, each of the 153 kids had the privilege of sharing the Word of God and winning souls for Christ.

During this summer, we graduated the first group of our Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center students. It was a grand celebration. We had six students graduating and about 100 guests who attended the occasion. At the end of it all, two out of the six students signed up to work with Teen Missions. During our Debrief, we were privileged to commission the second group of students, a total of 11. Six are doing their internships with Teen Missions and the rest with other ministries and churches around town. One student will be going to the Teen Missions base in South Africa to do his internship.

The BMW school resumed here in Cameroon on September 1st, with seven students and one more to join us very soon. This has kept us very busy, especially as our coordinators, Tom and Linda, have gone back to the States. Together with other staff and interns, we are trying to put things in order at the base. We really have much to do, though we are few in number, but we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are putting up walls of the two-story building, as we want it up as fast as possible so we can continue taking care of the animals and farming. Praise God, we had a large harvest of maize, Irish potatoes, carrots and huckleberries this past season and we are working hard to see that we get the same harvest or even more this coming season. Mercy, along with the work she has with the three boys, is overseeing the food budget to see that the students manage it properly, especially now in Cameroon when prices of some food items keeps fluctuating in the market. We pray all will be well with our finances.

Concerning the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units, we have two Units where the interns are serving. We are looking forward to opening the third Unit—pray that God will open doors. The Units and orphans are all doing great. We have testimonies from the Units and orphans as to how their basic needs are met—needs for food, school, medical care and above all, spiritual needs. We really thank God for the ministry of Teen Missions, the Director, Robert M. Bland, and the entire administration for the wonderful job they are doing for the Lord all over the world, especially to the underprivileged ones. We pray for God’s richest blessings upon them and that God should grant them many more years of ministry.

Also, much thanks to our sponsors, friends and well wishers who do everything possible for us to be spiritually, physically and financially strong in the ministry. We wish for you God’s abundant blessings. Though we don’t see you in person, we need your support to keep piloting the work of God together in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

In Him,

Richard & Mercy Asenek


We Thank God for making us part of the ministry of Teen Missions

For safe delivery and good health of the baby, James

For providing our entire needs

For traveling mercies for our coordinators and for the wonderful work they are doing here in Cameroon.

Prayer Request:

Pray for God’s healings over Mama’s life and the life of our entire family

Pray for more spiritual growth in the family

Pray that God will continue to provide for our family needs

Pray for long life and prosperity

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