Tan, Fernando & Genelie (Fall 2008)

Tans’ Testament – Fall 2008

Dear Family, Friends, Former Team Members and Leaders, as well as my Co-Laborers,

Greetings from the Philippines in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ!

Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center

We are now on our first term of 2008 and we have 15 students. Our instructors include one volunteer teacher and several Teen Missions staff members. On September 12, we celebrated the eighth anniversary of the school. We joined with Light and Life Bible College of Free Methodist Church and Agape Christian School to celebrate our anniversary. We had a sports fellowship with sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, ping-pong, scrabble and chess. We shared with each other and made a commitment to help and love each other as one family of God.

We also had a BMW alumni homecoming in the evening. One of our interns is ministering in a Muslim area. She teaches literacy to the Muslim children. Recently, she experienced an insurgency in the place from Muslim extremists (called Moro Islamic Liberation Front) declaring Jihad to the Christians. This extremist group was killing men, women, children and pastors. People were very confused during this time but some of the Muslim children’s parents were able to help our intern. She wasn’t able to eat for four days.

Another intern, who is a former prostitute, told us that she was able to bring a family to church – her former co-worker in the club! Some other interns and former BMW students are now working at various churches. Three of our students are working with a tribe on the island of Palawan. They are teaching literacy to the tribal people of the land, people who don’t know how to read and write and don’t know the Lord or the salvation of Christ.

TMI in the Philippines Operations

Each day we do routine work, such as cleaning the surroundings, plowing the land for plants and vegetables and taking care of our livestock. We now have seven cows and 10 goats. We also have chickens, birds, ducks, pigs and dogs.

Our weekend ministry is with the local children. Every Saturday we have about 100 children attend the ministry. We are also about to begin reaching out to the parents through a Bible study. We are praying that the parents of these children will come to know Christ and will be leaders of the community where they belong.

Our Family

Our concern is school finances for our children. Our eldest son, Reul, will be in college next year and we don’t know how to cover the finances for his school bills. Please help us through your prayer. Next to him is Stephen, who is now in his second year in high school, and Keziah, who is now in sixth grade. If we look at our finances, we are not capable to send our children to school, but our God is big and I know He will supply all our needs.


Fernando and Genelie Tan

Isaiah 40:31

Prayer requests:

  • BMW School: for more students and teachers
  • Upcoming 2009 Boot Camp
  • BMW Interns
  • Finances for our children’s schooling

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