Debrief in Zambia

We have started our debrief today, with 156 team members and 32 leaders. We praise God that all the teams are in good health. The teams have worked very hard on their projects! They have weeded the maize, painted the units, built the shelters for Motorcycle Sunday School Mission, and many other things. 

The past few days our teams have been on the projects, they have gone out for evangelism, and many lives have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our total EV results are 241 people! 

Today we had a representative from Gideon international and gave out the Bibles to our orphans in our debrief. All the team members were given the New Testaments and the leaders were given the New and Old Testament Bibles. He promised to provide us with information on how we can access the Bibles from the Gideons. What a blessing! 

Pray for our debrief, that God may prepare our team members and leaders to go home and shine for Jesus. Pray for safety on the roads as we will be taking the team members home. Pray that God may renew our strength as we finish the boot camps and look to the many works which await us as soon as we finish the boot camp. 

Once again, we can never thank you enough for the opportunity you have given us to to serve. We have this rare chance to minister to our own people and to bring Jesus to the unbelievers in our country. You have always worked hard in ensuring that our ministry here in Zambia is running. On behalf of babies that could have died without Mother’s Seminar, people that would have died without Malaria medicine and the lives that have been changed from Boot Camp, I say thank you. Be encouraged, because your hard work for the Lord is not in vain. WE ARE NOTHING BUT PENCILS IN HAND OF THE CREATOR!


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