Greetings from India

Vijayawada Boot CampGreetings from India!
We just completed a four-day Leader Training Seminar, including nine female leaders and 16 male leaders, plus five volunteers. By God’s grace, five Manipur missionaries who work with Gospel for Asia attended our Leaders training seminar and they were excited about our program.
Eight different communities (tribes) from different parts of Manipur state attended our leaders seminar. We had two decisions for Christ during this past week.

This week we plan to visit nearby churches where some of our former team members and leaders attend for some recruitment for our Boot Camp.

Please pray for the leaders who have attended our Leaders Seminar.
Pray for the team members who are going to attend Manipur Boot Camp 2009.
Pray for the unity among the Teen Missions India staff.
Pray for the safety of the Manipur Boot Camp 2009 which is going to held in the Hindu area.

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