Zambia's Time on the Field

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has been so gracious to us! Our projects will come to an end today. We have started picking up the teams for debrief. The teams have worked very hard! They have completed shelters for Motorcycle Sunday School circuits at almost all the units, and have also weeded maize.

We have had a few team members sick, but nothing serious. We praise God for the good health He has given our camp. The last 10 days, the teams went out for evangelism and 84 people gave their lives to Christ! The next few days we will be having debrief, and we will be taking the kids home on Friday, January 9th.

During our trip the Lord has been our protector, we have had some close calls, but the Lord has been there for us. The trucks are running well, we praise God because they make our movements easier and helps us save some money. We have worked on the Ngsa unit, and it is now up and very soon it will be completed! We have doubled its size and it looks great. As I write this, the truck has just come in from picking up teams, with the kids singing how good God is. It will be wonderful to hear the teams’ testimonies during debrief. Pray for continued good health and safety on the road as we go out, that the blood of Jesus would cover over our lives, the truck and that nothing fashioned against us would prosper.

We thank you for all your prayers, we know you have been praying. Be encouraged, many souls have come to know the Lord through this Boot Camp, and the lives of our team members and leaders have been changed forever for God’s glory. It has been wonderful to see how the Lord has transformed the lives of our kids. God bless you all.

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