Update from Ecuador

Happy New Year!
It has been a very interesting week here in Ecuador.  It has rained almost everyday for the past 12 days  making everything very muddy, the roads terrible and drying laundry almost impossible, as we do not have a working dryer here on the base.  

We have been working on projects that never seem to get done around here! We have also pruned the trees and cut the lawn, yes even in the rain.  We have also begun to take a proper inventory, as it appears that the ones filed in the past were not done correctly.  This next week we plan to continue to work on the inventory as well as the community has declared this coming Sunday as a work Sunday, so we will be helping to work on laying water pipes in the ground to a new farm.  

Please continue to pray for us as we have had an increase of people breaking onto the property.   Also we are still having some pretty major electricity issues, as we have just lost the power in the buildings storing our supplies, the Boot Camp Bathroom block, as well as the rally center.  We have been told that most of the buildings are going to have to be re wired.  We also have an increasing problem with mice.  We recently purchased a kitten that will hopefully help some, but I think it more then one cat can take care of. That’s about all the news from Ecuador. God bless!

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