Boot Camp in South Africa

Jacob's LadderBoot Camp is up and running and doing very well over all. We had a bit of a scare to begin with, as only 18 of 32 leaders showed up on the first day. We have now 27 leaders and doing well. The teams are moving along fine and the kids have really been a joy to work with, not that they are perfect by any means. We still have a few that want to try our patience, but they are FEW. Praise the Lord.

Our biggest prayer need right now though is water. We are in our rainy season, but have only had one day of rain. The whole area around us is bone dry. Every farmer is worried about losing crops, with the exception of those near the river that can pump water. Bore holes are dry and barely keeping up with demand. We are not the only one feeling the pinch of the heat. God is providing though. Today I had the leaders gather during our first class and we spent a half hour on our knees before the Lord. As the Bible says, “you have not because you ask not”. So, we were asking the Lord to supply our needs. I didn’t think that with the low level we would have enough to last us through the day. After praying I kept checking to see if the level was dropping and it never budged! The level stayed the same all day even after cooking, cleaning and filling igloos for drinking water. God is so good! Please keep us in prayer that God will continue to provide all the water necessary for camp.

We currently have 105 youth and 27 leaders preparing for eight teams to go out for project. God has been speaking to their hearts, and tonight one of our BMW students spoke. It was powerful! We had 29 come forward for counseling and 19 of them gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time!

Things are moving along, and we have recruited some great helpers. Praise the Lord!


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