Greetings from Belize!

Greetings from Belize! 

The weather down here is pretty normal. It has been extremely hot all week, usually in the 90’s. It has been raining in the nights.

 We are all healthy, except for the horrible flea bites we all have. It must be the season, as we heard the from locals. It is really bad at the property. 

 The lawn was mowed and trimmed last week. The van was  cleaned. We cleaned up the dorms from winter camp(sheets, wiping down walls, sweeping out) We will be working on the kitchen  next week.

We were blessed to have a local youth group come out on Saturday and enjoy the place. It was a good time for all. We are working on a brochure for the base.  We want to advertise  it as a retreat center and for upcoming events. 

That’s about all the news from Belize! God bless you!





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