News from the Brazil base

Boot Camp News: We praise the Lord for the registrations for our Boot Camp. We have received over 200 so far for our 160 vacancies. We are telling these late ones to come by faith if they wish and there may be a place for them. We have also been blessed with more than enough lady leaders, but could do with more men. Most of our preparations are coming along, although we are undecided about where to put up the Big Top. We will probably clear just in front of the Staff house this week and put it there. It will be our showpiece this year as they have never seen our Big Top here before and I’m sure it will be enthusiastically received.

BMW Update: This is finals week in the BMW and we will probably let the students go home next week for a Christmas break before returning the 1st of January for BC. They have worked hard and we appreciate them so much here in the ministry! The ministry they do on the weekends has to be put on hold until March, which is a real shame. The students wrapped things up last weekend and there are always tears on their behalf. Recently, they held a combined program at the base with all 4 locations that they go to. There was close to 150 children in attendance, most of these that our students have reached with the gospel and been working with for the past 3 years now. Merry Christmas from everyone at the Brazil base!

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