Testimony from Siberia

Presentation PracticeRail Nabiullina’s testimony, a student at the new BMW in Siberia: I was born on March 10, 1985. My parents are from a Muslim background. When I was 7 or 8 years old, people came to distribute Christian literature. I was so glad to get a gift from those people with kind eyes. I brought booklets back home and shared my joy with my mom, but she took them away from me, threw them away and beat me. I still remember her words: “You are Muslim! Our God is different!” I could not understand her reaction, and I had so many questions. Who is this God?

My parents were heavy drinkers and argued very often. Then they got divorced. My father did not beat me, but was just indifferent to my life and me. My mother got married again, and was afraid of her second husband. She would feed me in secret, because he would not let her feed me. My stepfather practiced witchcraft. He would be in a trance for 4 or more days. He terrified the whole family. After one of his trances he took his life. I started trying to practice black magic, following my stepfather’s example. Our lives were becoming worse and worse. My mother was drinking even heavier than before. I wanted to be set free but I did not know how.

One day, my cousin shared with me the good news about Jesus. After that he would remind me of Him often. In 2003 I invited Him into my heart as my Lord and Savior. But after a while I started to backslide, and started to drink and smoke again. But when I turned away from Jesus, He was faithful and never left or forsaken me. In due time I was drawn back to church, to Jesus! He has forgiven all my sins and given me eternal life. He gave me peace and joy that I have never experienced before. Joining BMW Training Center in Siberia has changed me. I want to learn how to serve God and glorify His name through my life. John 6:44.

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