Uganda Boot Camp

There are 65 leaders for the two Uganda Boot Camps. We trained the leaders from Sunday to Saturday. But we have tried something new. Because we are running our two Boot Camps at the same time this year, we decided to have a combined Leader Seminar at Nakabango for all leaders. This way all staff are available for heading up projects, and there is lots of enthusiasm in a larger group. It has proved to be a success and we enjoy having leaders from all over Uganda, from the far north, Gulu to the west, and east to the Kenya border. We look forward to seeing how the Lord directs us to place them on teams. There are many FTMs who are testifying of how they got saved at Boot Camp, how their lives were changed by their team experience, etc. In addition to the classes the leaders set up the entire OC, including digging a new slough. As we have the leaders share individually each evening, we were all delighted by a young lady (FTM) who declared she was a born leader. She explained that she is the firstborn of her family, and it is her responsibility to lead all of her followers! And she really is a charismatic leader who has a dynamic testimony for Christ.

Six volunteers are working hard under the leadership of former student, Rose Damba, who has headed up the kitchen for Boot Camp for about four years. They are mostly very faithful young people (FTMs) who come year after year.

Well, what would Leader Seminar be like without rain and spiritual warfare?! We have had no rain for a month, but in the middle of the first class on arrival day of Seminar, it began to rain! Surprise?! That rain was just a teaser, but we have had rain in the afternoon for two days now, that has been significant, and, unfortunately, drenched the tents very well. The one thing we have to do is keep going, even if it is one step at a time. Another “blessing” is the power going off unexpectedly for four days and no help in site. In the beginning we thought this would be a big problem because we need it to pump water from the well. But when the tank was empty the Lord sent rain to fill up all the other tanks! Other “chance” meetings of people in town have led to finding professionals needed to repair something, a perfect supervisor for the Bunalwenyi School buildings projects, and a better location for two of our teams. You can’t convince me these things were not planned by God.

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