Update from Uganda

Garden update: Our maize gardens are doing so well, and so are the cassavas, which are just coming up. The beans are not doing so well because of too much rain. The guys this week worked on weeding the maize. The girls transplanted tomatoes, put a new seedbed and are uprooting the old green pepper so that we can plant something else in that portion. The rains, monkeys and chickens are affecting the garden for tomatoes. The passion fruit seedlings are doing well and they are ready for transplanting.

Animal report: The local chickens are doing so well, the chicks are growing well, however, one died this week, which brought their number to 11 chicks. The turkeys are still incubating and are doing very well. The rabbits are fine, however, one rabbit died due to an unknown reason. The cows and pigs are also doing quite well.

Local outreach update: On Saturday, we had a ministry at Bukiti College where we joined them for their evening fellowship. During this service the students ministered in praise and worship, a special song, the “Redemption” Drama and one poem. We then prayed for most of the students who admitted that they had a problem they were struggling with. We had some time to counsel before returning back to the base.

Other work projects: The sawdust pit, a project started recently, was finished this week and the place has already been filled with 3 trucks of sawdust.

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