Tanzania Leader Seminar

Slough of DespondEight of us set off for the Tanzania Boot Camp. We traveled by bus through Nairobi. On our way to Nairobi, after quite a short drive our bus had a flat tire. Soon after that the bus broke down due to a mechanical problem. We left city centre (Nairobi) at around 9:00 in the morning, we had a good journey, which took us for about 3 hours. Upon reaching Arusha, we discovered we had lost one bag. We called the bus company but didn’t find it.
However we were thankful to God that all of us were safe. We connected on a bus to Moshi town. One of the other staff went to pick up the leaders who were coming to attend the Leader Seminar. The next few days we held our Leader Seminar and shopped for supplies for Boot Camp. Seminar has been quite easy since most of every one is a former team leader and none of them are new. Pray for us as we start Boot Camp this week!

Pray that the Lord would provide that exact number of team members planed for and that we will have some good team members who could be leaders in training, to add up to the support of the leaders.
Pray that the Lord will give me Wisdom and strength.
For all the leaders to have a working spiritual insight.
For safe travel for the teams throughout Boot camp, projects and Debrief.
Pray for my safe driving and not to fall sick since am the only driver and for transformation, commitment and dedication.

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