Tanzania Projects Update

Project SiteAll of the teams made it safely to their project sites and have begun their first week of projects. Here are reports from each of the teams.

HOPE LAND TEAM We arrived at Hope Land and found that there were many projects that needed to be done. We started by gathering rocks and placing them in the main building and setting up bathrooms for the up coming debrief. We also did roofing. It has been constantly windy since most trees were cut down but we have plans to plant more. We had the team do door-to-door evangelism of and we recorded 38 people who got saved.

MARERANI TEAM After leaving boot camp, the Lord provided us with a safe trip to Mererani. We immediately started out doing door-to-door Evangelism in hot and dusty weather. This very week we were able to show films and we have recorded 28 decisions.

TREE PLANTING TEAM We started out the week good with quite a conducive weather though After the arrival of over 500 flowers we got the team divided in 3 groups. 1st group, Dug holes, another was planting and watering flowers while the third group did painting. Teens have had a heart to work though however in this one-week we were done with planting and our concentration was on watering and maintaining proper growth of the crops.

EMBOKOI AFYA TEAM Upon arrival our team started cheering when they saw running water and a nice store around the Church premises! This quickly put everybody in the mood to start working But all in all we have successfully done evangelism for two days around the church and invited people to come watch the Jesus and Zawadi film. 27 people have given their lives to the Lord!

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