Tanzania Update

Tanzania PropertyThe teens in Tanzania are in their 2nd week of projects. Here are some reports from them:

HOPELAND TEAM We started the plastering of a small house, the teens have accomplished so much! We plan to start replacing window and doorframes in the next few days.

MARERANI TEAM This week we have divided our entire team into EV groups and we plan to go out with the help from the youth at the church. Team members have been challenged from Muslims and Seventh Day Advents. But through it all we have had 57 people accept Christ.

TREE PLANTING TEAM This week we have safely made it to Ngarony. Our camp is just 100 meters from one of the game reserve entries that has quite a big forest with lots of monkeys! We are told there are elephants deep inside the reserve also! We started day one by planting over 80 trees at Ngarony youth centre and by the end of this week we planted a total of 210 trees. We also did gardening and planted a few other trees at the church.

EMBUKOI AFYA TEAM The team has started work on the inside of the church by the pulpit. The team started in a high gear with painting both the inside and outside of the church building. They also have done some door-to-door EV and led 41 people to the Lord!

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