Update from Madagascar

Nirina SchoolGreetings from North Madagascar!
We are now on the second week of the BMW term. The students are growing everyday spiritually as we study through the Bible and do all the classes. Most of them are having the desire to learn more things such as computers, driving , cooking, sewing. Some of these we can do, but some we cannot at the moment.

Conference center
We praise the Lord for the conference center, during holidays we had individuals and groups using them.

We have students goes doing door to door on Friday afternoons. We all believe that Jesus is very very near and we have to proclaim the good news and win souls for God. We made schedules both for students and staff so that everyone would have one turn every week to witness for Christ. Since we have done this many have come to Christ!

We have enjoyed getting fruits from the garden like cucumber, egg plant, zukini, corn,etc… though it is not as much at the moment we are happy that our labor is not in vain.

Some students are working, laying bricks at Nirina School, this is the fourth building that we started at Boot Camp. We are using mud dirt for mortar since the school has no budget for anymore materials.
The school is growing. It is always a blessing to hear that some of this kids are actually now leading their parents to pray. One parent came to pay for the fees for her child, she complained about having no money, she told Nomena that her child was afraid that she may not able to attend school if mother can’t pay so this little girl said to her mother “ mom let’s pray about this” the mother has never prayed before and was shocked to see her child leading her to pray and so they prayed!

We appreciate your prayers very much!

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