Brazil Boot Camp

We are now in our second week of project time. We have 21 leaders and 156 team members. Training wrapped up with a memorable Commissioning Night service. Every year the number of visitors seems to double. This year I think we had over 500 guests. We now have four teams out doing EV and four teams working on the base. Even though it has been raining every afternoon, we have managed to put the foundation in for our small staff house using construction classes and SBs to get the work done. 
We were honored to have one of the main pastors from the largest denominations in Belem come for Commissioning. His area has for a long time sent many teens and leaders to Boot Camp, but this was the first year that he has visited. I asked Pastor Valdolino to light the first candle and pray over the teens. He was very moved by the ceremony and as the teams walked out of the Big Top he stood at the front of the platform blessing each member as they passed by. Before they left, his secretary told me that he was keeping his candle as a souvenir of the night. Everyone lit their candle, for which we praise the Lord! 
# of decisions in the last week: Salvation 5, Rededication 19, Assurance  7. 4 of the nights we had most of the teens come forward at the start and then on the final night.

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