Honduras Boot Camp

Honduras Boot CampGreetings from Honduras! We are now in the midst of Boot Camp. We have 18 leaders and 82 team members, making up 6 teams. We have been holding the regular Boot Camp classes, along with information about the different countries where TM has Boot Camps, BMW’s and AIDS orphans. Each team has had a work day where one team finished leveling our driveway and the rest worked on landscaping projects including weeding gardens and pruning the banana trees. The schedule has been followed well. In the evening rallies we have had guest Pastors and one former student who now helps run a drug rehab center here in Honduras.
At 4 p.m. on arrival day we only had about 40 team members. We were very discouraged after hearing all the people who had said they were going to come and then not show up. We prayed to surrender our expectations to God and to give Him the glory for those He chose to bring. Within the next hour another 35 team members showed up and a few more the next day who couldn’t make it the first day. Later we found out there were 15 Nicaraguans who were ready to come but immigration didn’t give them the papers they needed. There were another 15 who wanted to come but were not given the correct dates. In all, we believe that God did bring those He wanted, so we give Him the glory for that.
Our goals for this next week include: To hold the offering for AIDS orphans, to be ready for the service for the student who is commissioning, to hold a special missions conference on Jan. 6th with the ministry Unveiling Glory, to have everything ready for commissioning Day and pack-out, to have the rooms clean and ready for all the volunteers and guests who will be coming and going.

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