Testimony of Misheck

Misheck Kathumba is a facilitator as of 2009. In 2004 he was one of the 40 applicants who wanted to come to be a student. He was in the 14 who got accepted. He did his schooling, and his internship with Teen Missions at Melisa Foster Orphan Rescue Unit. After that, he spent one year being a staff on the base and even teaching at the BMW. Now he is back at the Unit he served for a year. 
Misheck is of the most humble people I have ever met, from the first day he arrived to Boot Camp. He was always accepting correction and very sad when he needed to be corrected, and even at those times asking sincerely asking us to keep correcting him and if we see a problem, please, let him know that he might do better next time. We really appreciate that in him. He has also been an asset in our carpentry projects. He had the knowledge of carpentry when he came but he really mastered in it throughout the years. We praise God for him.

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