Uganda Team Projects

Teams have been working on projects and on personal issues of team members as well. This week there was a rash of counseling opportunities for leaders with a few individual team members. We have been proud of leaders who handled difficult kids with discipline problems in such a way that all stubborn kids have apologized and gone back to be a part of their team. Most teams had just one or two rebellious ones. Building teams have continued to work hard to complete as much (or all) of their building as possible. Ev teams are reaching out to see that as many as possible have the chance to hear the gospel message through door to door and crusade methods. The Bread of Life Team has been boosted by the pastor hosting their Ev this week in that their lunch has been prepared by the pastor’s wife so they ride the bikes back and forth to the base only once a day. This way they can do Ev both morning and afternoon. Continue praying for all of the teams and projects!

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