Brazil Project Report

We are in our third week of project time.The four teams on the base have done very well considering the amount of rain we are getting, because every day the afternoons are washed out. They managed to reach our goals set for them. Now the staff house has all the foundation laid and we had to fill in with 6 truck loads of dirt to bring it up to level. Each truck load was moved into the foundations by hand. One team has helped start to renovate one of the old dorms in order for us to house the 6 third year female interns for this year. Another team has totally reformed the lake, reinforcing the walls and filling with sand where the creek had washed parts of the bank away. It looks great! 

The teams out doing EV projects in towns around us have all enjoyed their time out and are leaving behind very good testimonies with the pastors that hosted them. One team reported over 70 decisions for Christ. This past week-end we had the swap over with the teams. On Saturday we sent out the four teams that were on the base and on Monday we brought back the four teams that were out doing EV. 

Despite the rain and big challenge of moving 6 truckloads of dirt by hand, the teams on the base managed to meet our goal of completing the foundations. They even managed to get a few walls up to window height. We had one last team working on Saturday morning and two mountains to move. We gave them a little challenge to finish it by lunch and they delivered with much enthusiasm. We praise the Lord for the willingness and spirit that we see in so many of these teens to truly “get dirty for God”. 

We did have our very first ever runaway on one of the teams. It is actually a tale of two brothers that were on separate teams. The older brother, Junior, who is 16, went to a nice church in a nice town in very nice conditions, with the Adonai team working with children ministry. After a few days he grabbed his bag, jumped the wall of the church and ran away. Later that evening we got word that he had arrived in his home soaking wet but safe. His younger brother, Ricardo, who is 14, was in the meantime working hard on the Kadosh team here on the base… mixing mortar and carrying dirt. When we approached him with the news that his brother had quit, he said “that’s his choice but I want to stay. I want my victory.” His parents are not Christians and wanted him to return home. They even sent the local pastor to Teen Missions to take him home, but Ricardo still wouldn’t go. In the end he wrote a letter to his parents informing them of his wishes and the pastor returned without him. We are praying that Ricardo’s victory will not only be in completing Teen Missions but also returning home with such a strong testimony that he will win his family to the Lord. May the Lord truly bless this young man’s faithfulness.

Number of decisions in the last week: Salvation – 94, cumulative # of decisions this Boot Camp & Project: Salvation – 99


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