Honduras Field Reports

Tent SiteAll of the teams have done open-air presentations, some in churches and door-to-door evangelism.
Team #1 is digging the trench for the foundations of a church.
Team #2 is digging the trench for the foundation of a second-grade classroom.
Team #3 is doing street evangelism and in the marketplaces.
Team #4 is holding VBS every day with an assistance of between 80-100 children. They are working with the black Garifuna people of Honduras.
Team #5 is doing evangelism among the Lenca tribe. They must walk two hours between communities to reach the houses.
Team #6 has divided up. While one half is sewing, the other half is evangelizing. So far they have sewn and distributed16 school uniforms. They are working with the Mayan-Chortis tribe in the Copan area of Honduras.

Praise the Lord for an answer to prayer. The Mayan-Chortis tribe decided to allow the team to come and stay with them. That way they don’t have to walk the three-hour trip to get there every day!
In the Mayan and Lencan tribes, children have come walking from two or three hours away just to see the teams’ presentations!
The team with the Lencas is in a very cold area. The members are not used to being in such cold weather but have maintained very good attitudes. They sleep on mats on concrete floors.

# of decisions in the last week: 99 Adults and more than 120 children!  Cumulative # of decisions this Boot Camp: 110 adults and 120 children

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