Brazil Boot Camp News

brazil_reportThe four teams that returned on Monday from their time out doing EV have worked well on the base. Two teams have raised the walls of the staff house to almost the point of completion. We hope to pour the cap beam on Tuesday, which is actually the start of Debrief. One other team has spent their week going through all our tents, sorting, repairing, counting and returning to the storeroom. The fourth team has continued with renovations on the dorms, plastering the interior walls and painting. We have also had a couple of days in Sao Miguel doing children’s programs and a night in the town square for a combined presentation with all teams.

I traveled to the Bike team and accompanied them as they rode 50km from one town to another. It took them 6 hours and was quite a good challenge for them. They all made it safely and relieved, if not a little hot and sore as well. I praise the Lord for a safe and tranquil journey. We have received very positive reports from all of the host pastors saying how pleased they were with the behavior and dedication of the teens, and for the fruit of the evangelism programs.

Last night was exciting for us here on the base. We took four teams (75 teens) to town and set up a stage in one of the main squares. Each team participated with dramas, choreographies, music and testimonies, and Mauro gave a strong salvation challenge at the end. We know of at least one man who prayed to receive Christ, but there were many others impacted with the gospel. It rained at various moments during the presentation but the teens were not deterred and they all returned to the base very excited about the evening. Pray for the teams as they start Debrief and prepare to go home!

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