Final Australia Boot Camp report

australia_reportWell, they all made it back safe and sort of sound for Debrief. They were really jet lagged so we started Debrief classes in the afternoon. The Australian Customs was quite hard on the returning teams, many had their wooden items taken off them, but when the Nepal team came in they had nothing taken and even let them bring the big gurka knifes in. Over all debrief was smooth and the classes was taught by great gifted teachers.

Ethiopia: The team finished the foundation of the project laying nearly 2000 bricks. They held a sports morning with 150-200 children, ministered in churches, and held street meetings. They saw 16 people respond to the Gospel. They also visited the SIM headquarters which told them about the work in Ethiopia.

Nepal: The team plastered the outside of the church as well as dug foundations for a new toilet block and septic tank. They also held an open air Gospel presentation.

Mexico: The team continued work on the water tank, concreted the roof, rendered walls and painted. Repaired fences and cleared rocks from property. They ran children programs for two afternoons with about twenty children attending.
Cambodia: The team completed the brick work on the second story and two layers of bricks have been laid on the third story. They did general clean up at property.
Fiji: The team washed and painted the school and replaced the roof. They also worked on the missionaries house and cleaned the church and windows. Half the team went hiking another group spent a day in a ute going from village to village giving much needed supplies to each village kindergarten.
Samoa: The team worked on building a kitchen to adjoin the fale. They marked out the construction area and leveled the ground. They were not able to finish the project but the YWAM team was able to complete it the following week. The team did walk-up evangelism in the markets and bus stop. They saw 4 salvations.
Now that the teams are done we’re busy getting ready for the 5 camp groups coming to stay on the property this month. We’re also working on getting ready for this year’s BMW program to start, and getting the mailing out.

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