Honduras Projects Update

Honduras Puppet EvangelismWe are almost done with our project time! Here are some reports on what the teams have been doing.

Team #1 finished all of their foundation with concrete and rocks. They were not able to do EV because it was raining. They cleaned the house they have been staying in.

Team #2 finished eight lines of block on the walls of the school classroom, and cleaned up the area of the school where they have been staying, and they did presentations in churches and parks.

Team #3 moved to another area working with another church doing evangelism six hours a day.

Team #4 has done open-air evangelistic presentations in an area called Triunfo de la Cruz (Triumph of the Cross) as well as door-to-door EV. Sunday they held a closing program for the children who were in VBS and had about 150 in attendance. They finished doing evangelism in another neighborhood called El Dorazno.

Team #5 has been doing open-air presentations and door-to-door EV in the communities of Los Planes, Chupucay, y Callejones.

Team #6 finished off their project by making 18 uniforms for the community of La Laguna where they also did door-to-door EV. They would have made more uniforms but they ran out of material. Next they went to San Antonio where they did only EV.

In the area called Intibuc√°, while they were doing EV, one member asked a lady if she knew Jesus. The lady said yes, my neighbor’s name is Jesus. That was the only Jesus she had ever heard of! Glory to God, she prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. It was incredible for the members to find out that right here in their own country there are people who have never heard of Jesus Christ!

A Christian television station filmed the work the team had done in Copan as well as Chico’s message on the last day of debrief and said they would be airing them both together.

So far, we have seen 270 children and 450 adults accept Jesus! Pray for the teams as they finish up their projects and travel back for Debrief, then home.


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