Malawi BMW (Chichewa) Update

malawi_reportOur students have been doing wonderful and great work. Three students have been working with me on the Garden House. So far we have nailed the tin, made the forms for the slab to be the roof and are currently tying the steel that will be in the slab. Two students have been putting up the Chainlink fence around the newly built rabbit house which is not yet finished but 75% of it is done. The very same students also worked on making a door and a gate for the house and fence. Two students have been working on making beds. They have so far nailed together two single beds currently working on the third. The remaining students have been serving in different responsibilities like taking care of goats, pigs, chickens, cattle, ducks,turkeys, doves, flowers, fruit trees, and gardens. And one student has been taking typing lessons on the computer.

It was decided that the students this term will be doing Sunday School in the three nearest units to the base here in Malawi. These units are Melisa Foster, House of Joel and SonRise Palms. First we  gave all the students a 4 hour basic training on the Sunday School program. A few days later they were sent out into the area around the three Sunday School locations for door to door ministry, which was intended to bring awareness to the communities about the Sunday School program to be started the next week. The door to door ministries that were carried out were very successful some people came to the Lord and many were interested to be part of the Sunday School classes.


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