Matrons Units Update

malawi_reportSONRISE PALMS:
At this time seven girls staying at the dorm. Six of them are in form 2 (grade 10) and one is in form 3 (grade 11). The first week of school we had no girls, they started coming in the second week. This month we were busy working with our girls. We were clearing the place and also building the fence. There is only a small portion of the fence that we haven’t finished yet but we will. We are praising God that we have started this year with good health and it is our prayer that He should continue to help us in all our doings.
God is still favouring us at SonRise Palms. We are praising God because the girls have started well in their classes and are really working hard, even in their spiritual lives. We are able to see them changing!
We are so happy to say that we have entered the New Year with new friends.
We have new girls who have just joined us. In the first week of school we had five girls, in the second we had seven. In the third week we 13, and now this week we are up to 17 girls. We are so thankful that by your prayers for us, God is managing for us. And now we are on the time of teaching our girls about salvation, as some of them are  young in their Christian life and some were not even Christians yet. We hope to start our ministry, outside evangelism with the girls whenever we see that they can make it.


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