Brazil Boot Camp Update

brazil_reportThe four teams out on EV returned on Monday and Tuesday to join the four teams here on the base for Debrief. Transportion ran smoothly and safely. Classes started on Tuesday evening with everyone in high spirits. There has been good fellowship between all the teams, I think largely due to the fact that all equally spent time out and time here working… no one was more special than the other. Debrief ran well, however we did have a lot of sick members and leaders. I think we took a total of 15 people to the hospital over those final 4 days. The main problem was low resistance which is common here and either an injection or an hour on the drip gets people up and moving again quickly.

Bridge the Gap night was a very strong moment for us all here. 145 out of the 181 in attendance made commitments to full time Christian service. Standing up front and watching these young people bow their knee to the Lord and knowing that there in prayer are the future leaders of our church. We know that their experience with Teen Missions has been and will continue to be used by the Lord as a guidepost in their Christian walk.
The kids are gone now, so we are taking this time to finish up finances and get everything cleaned up and put away on the base. Pray for the BMW students, who are returning in a month to begin a new term. We thank you for all your prayer for our Boot Camp, and praise God for the work He is continuing to do.

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