Greetings from Belize

belize_reportGreetings from Belize!

WEATHER: We have had wonderful weather! It has been high 70’s during the day and low 60’s at night. we are enjoying the windy days and the windmill has been used much this week.

HEALTH: We are sniffling and coughing because of the weather change, but that’s it!

PROJECTS: We have painted the cooking area of the kitchen. We also mowed and weed eated. We prep the base for company Saturday. A youth group came out and had a picnic, and we shared a picnic. We also had games planned for them. They had a great time! We also had a family come out and enjoy the place. The husband runs another youth group in town. We had great fellowship. The one group asked to come back and do some work out at the base. We also were contacted to host a youth group once a month. They are working on dates. So all and all it was another great week. God bless you!


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