Uganda Rescue Unit Reports

Here are some reports from the AIDS Orphans Rescue Units in Uganda. 

The Grindheim-Sims Unit: This month has ended with heavy down pours.  Here at this village, people are busy plowing and planting crops, especially maize and millet. We have also planted some maize for future use, and we gave out some seeds to the kids to plant. One of our guardians had an attack due to high blood pressure.  She was given treatment and now she doing okay.We went and purchased some items for use at the Unit. We bought some cement, for latrine construction, mukene, beans, rice, soap and Vaseline for the weekend camp.We also had a camp with the orphans, it was the camp to mark the beginning of the new academic year. We gave out some books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets and Vaseline. Many kids raised the issue of uniforms and we hope to provide some in case funds allow.

House of Charity:The goats, rabbits and chicken are doing well. Our gardens are not doing so well as it is still very dry. Our water source is at least a kilometer away. Pray that we get a well soon. We are depending on the green vegetables that we dried in April and they are serving the purpose. Since most of our orphans have done their primary and secondary exams, there are greater requirements than before for school. We have tried our best to clear some needs with the little we have, but still have a long way to go to provide for all the orphans. During our last gathering we sorted out most of the scholastic needs with a few uniforms but a lot more need attention. At the gathering we also had the skipping rope, games, running in sacks and a lot more. We also had classes and work. Thanks be and glory to God that though our orphans have grown big, they are becoming easier to deal with. Many of them have requested to go back to school which makes us so happy. God really started a new thing and a good work in us and we know He will accomplish it as in Phil. 1:6.

House of Kindness: It is great to see that God is helping us to be healthy, providing for us and protecting us as a family and all the kids that come to the Unit. This month we have been able to work on the floor and the windows of the store house.We visited some orphans at the various homes where they stay sharing the good news with them and their guardians. 2 guardians gave their lives to  Christ, so we praise God for that. The guardians here appreciate the ministry of Teen Missions and the support given to help the orphans.Our bore hole project is nearing completion. It would have been finished by now but they hit a rock.These guys are doing the best that they can to get to the water. The people around us are very happy that we are working on the bore hole, because normally they have to walk a long way for their water. We are trying to make uniforms for the orphans using the sewing machine given to us. We thank you so much for your obedience to God in supporting and praying for us the orphans and the projects here at House of Kindness. May the Almighty God bless you all.

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