Zimbabwe Updates

Students EatingGreetings from Zimbabwe! It is good to write you  at this time. We do  hope that the Lord is keeping you well and that all is going well.

The students are enjoying their classes this term, though the only problem is that  there is a huge shortage of the water chemicals so are having to drink untreated water. Food shortages have hit the nation, it’s very hard on everyone. The only way to get food is to travel to neighboring countries, which takes up to 3 days! The villagers that are staying in the neighbouring villages are finding it too difficult to find food and some have resorted to eating tree roots.
Power cuts are making it difficult  for us to manage the garden and maintainng it becomes almost impossible, however we are still trying our best to keep it running since that is where we get most of our relish.
Prayer requests
1 the situation in the country
2 Food to be available
3 Health of the staff and the students
4 Wisdom in this terrible times
5 The rains that this year we may have a good season

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