Testimony from the Brazil boot camp

We had a visit from the mother of a team member this summer. Filipe, who is 14, had left a bag of clothes behind after Debrief. The mother told us some things about their life. Because of an abusive husband, the family had to move to a new town last year. Here she had gotten involved in a local church and Filipe had attended more because of obligation than desire. She said that she was greatly moved on Commissioning Night when she saw Filipe light his candle to go to the project with the light of the gospel. She saw him crying and praying to the Lord which she had never seen in him before. Now he is home and has started a Bible Study amongst the teens in the church and has plans to start a program for children. Also, there had been a big conflict between him and his younger brother because his father had favored the younger. Now however, Filipe has returned home with a new found affection for his brother. The mother had started a new relationship and was thinking of remarrying. She asked Filipe what he thought and he replied, “Let’s pray about it, Mom. If it is God’s will then He’ll work it out.” That mature and spiritual answer just blew Filipe’s mother away. She ended up finding only a few items that he left behind, but all the same she returned home rejoicing in what God had done in her son’s life this summer.

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