Greetings from Honduras


As for the happenings around Teen Missions in Honduras, things are going pretty good. The students have started on our plan of attack for the work time: getting the property looking much better so we can bring in more of an income with the retreats. They are a big help and hardly any money has to be put into them. At the same time we are getting ready for the team coming in March. Getting bushes trimmed away from the fences so they will be easier to work on and trimming¬†big branches off of trees so they won’t fall and damage any more roofs. Another odd job that has needed to be done for many years, the main gas cooking stove is getting a good cleaning. It was so bad that it was starting to not work.

Ministry Update

We will be starting ministries this Saturday. Our plan is to return to the high school in San Isidro but only every other Saturday. WE have an appointment to meet with the director of the largest high school in Santa Cruz to see if we might be able to go there every other Saturday when we are not in San Isidro. Please pray about that with us. One other ministry one of the students might begin to do is travel to Villanueva, about 45 minutes from here, to start a group working with his Church’s denomination.
Well, that is about all the news from Honduras! God bless!

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