News from sunny Belize

Greetings from (VERY) warm, sunny Belize!


HOT! 95 plus! Praise the Lord that the field next to the base was cleared. We enjoy a wonderful breeze off the water.It helps cool things down. We have had some rain, but not a lot.


We are all doing well. A few of us have had a few sniffles, but nothing bad.


We have ran around all week getting our incorporation papers. Yes, that’s right! We now have the papers. The papers aren’t only registration papers but incorporation papers too. We also spent this week preparing for a group.

We have had a ¬†wonderful time hosting a retreat this past weekend. There was two local youth groups that came. There were 38 of them. They came with a very well planned out weekend. They ¬†enjoyed the obstacle course, the canoes, the movie:Facing the Giants. The woman leaders made great meals.They left with many thanks. They didn’t want to leave! We also have another youth group coming this weekend. We have had a large number of people coming out. Please pray that the youth will be interested in missions and want to come to missions camp as well.

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