Greetings from Madagascar!

BMW BuildingGreetings from Madagascar

We praise God for giving us the opportunity to serve the Lord here.We hope and trust that the Lord will make our labor to be fruitful for Him.

BMW students
Everyone is doing good. It is so great to see each one growing in the Lord, we had an afternoon prayer yesterday and one students witnessed how much he is learning everyday from the differentclasses, prayer time and the different church we go. He said that he has never learned so much. We trust that the Lord is going to use all of the experience that the students are going through in their future ministry. Apart from the BMW classes, we also gave them the opportunity to learn English and French, Cooking class and computermostly on their free time if there are proving to do well on the main classes.
The work for now is mainly maintaining the property. There are many leaves everywhere that we are getting rid off, also brushes, then we have to keep the grass down. Some of the students worked on finishing the fence atNirina School. There are students that are working on getting the manual pump ready for the installation, we had to break part of the mouth of the well and build a seat for the manual pump, God willing the pump people may come in the middle of March to put the pump machine up.
Political issue
Last week the opposing leader and our actual President were sitting on round table. The leaders of the four main churches were the mediator. They could not continue on the agreement so starting last Saturday the manifestation started again. From yesterday the government use the military to go against the manifestation people. We pray that things will be back to normal.
We are continuing reaching out Friday afternoon and Saturday. Last Friday we went to teach our families (staff and students into God’s word) , most of them were already professing Christian and had stopped going to church, now we thank God that they are willing to hear from the Lord again, we are hoping that they will join church soon.
Today we had the Personal evangelism class, I had them went door to door doing evangelism as their mid-exam. Each students went to find a home to reach. We managed to finish 10 homes, two of them are muslum , I was sitting next to each one as they share giving them notes for the exam. Three persons received Jesus as their personal Savior, one of them is a muslam.

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