Update from the Philippines

Students DiggingWork Projects

We have two weeks more to go to end up the 2nd term, the students are busy doing their requirements and assignments.We also start the leadership seminar soon. We have five teams, and they are almost filled up! We are excited and getting ready for boot camp!
We are now in the process of constructing the new quad dorm, digging the ditch for posts, cement mixing and block laying , steel tying. Some of the students are doing agricultural work, such as grass cutting, and tending to the the fruit trees.

Ministries and Outreaches

The local outreaches are doing great, every student has a cell group bible study, most of them with about 10 people. All are very responsive to the gospel and some of them are already coming to church.

Our Youth Jam has more than a hundred youth coming to the event every Saturday evening and half of them have accepted Christ as their personal Savior and also come to the cell meeting. When we are having our Youth Jam, young people are very responsive to the gospel and share to their friends what the Lord has shown to them in the jam experience. Every Saturday the numbers of attendees are growing.

That’s about all the news here! We appreciate your prayers!


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