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Honduras PropertyGreetings from Honduras!

The work group from Salem Evangelical Church arrived safely Sunday night. They have been very busy working on the roof, it is almost finished! Some of the team members have been working on other projects, such as: welding, painting, putting new screen on windows, building new shelves in the kitchen, etc. We praise the Lord for bringing them as they have been a great help.
The students have had a great time working alongside the team. They are learning more English and teaching some Spanish. They have been cooking Honduran meals that the team has loved. During the ministry times, eight people have accepted Christ! The elementary school asked if we could come on Fridays and do what we do at the high school. So, praise the Lord for another opportunity! Also, the high school asked us to come during AIDS awareness week and share something positive, so the students did a drama and Chico gave a great message. At the end he asked them to raise their hand if they wanted to acknowledge their need for God in their lives and many of them did raise raise their hands, so praise the Lord for that also!
That’s all for now, God bless!

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