Good news from the Honduras base

Dining HallHola!

Teen Missions Honduras now has a brand new roof over the kitchen and dining room area! In addition to that main project, the work group was also able to paint both of the bathrooms of the dormitory building, put new screens on most of the windows, and put new larger shelves in the back storage room of the kitchen. The shelves are enclosed so the rats can’t get to the things stored there now!

One of the guys in the group was able to fix the doors of Teen Missions truck, so they open and close properly now! In addition to helping the group with these projects, the students also planted beans and got the banana trees cleaned.

The church group provided funds to purchase snack foods such as popcorn, chips, and juices. We had a brainstormer and came up with carnival type games that could be played to win tickets and then the kids could redeem the tickets for the snacks. It went over well, there were over 70 kids that came! The pastor gave the message and one boy raised his hand to accept Christ.

The high school asked our students to present something during their AIDS awareness week. We went twice, once to the 6th to 8th graders and later to the 9th to 12th graders. The students did a drama and then gave a message. The second time they went, one of the boys from the church group shared. Praise the Lord, an amazing 23 youth prayed to receive Christ as their Saviour!!

As for the school, last week was holy week here in Honduras, so the students were allowed to go home for vacation. During the same time period there was a retreat from a church in San Pedro Sula. They were a joy to have as they respected our rules very well.  Not only did they keep the place clean, they voluntarily raked up all the pine needles from the upper part of the property! In the hot sun, that was quite a job! We presented the Boot Camp video and talked about Teen Missions with them for awhile. Praise the Lord for a great group and for the continued income from retreats.

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