News from the Uganda BMW School

Greetings from Uganda!

After anticipating for the delayed rains to come all these days, much of our concentration has been on weeding and planting beans, the guys have been weeding the maize garden while the gals have worked in the vegetable gardens transplanting, mulching, weeding and watering. The heat has caused our previously planted maize not to yield however the vegetable gardens are doing better due to watering and mulching. There is however much anticipation on the delayed rains to start about the coming week.

Our local outreach saw both students, Volunteers and as well a couple of staff go for the weekend ministry in Budhabangula. During the ministry over 50 gave their lives to Christ and there were as well several rededications despite the area having the greatest number of the population being Muslims.

One of the amazing things that happened was that a prominent man widely known in the community as an alcoholic and practicing witchcraft was touched and moved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He gave up all his tools of which craft to be burned as he openly confessed and surrendered his life to Christ and was present in Church during the Sunday worship.

The people in the area were so welcoming and our entire group was divided into 3 groups and all were able to minister in three different churches around the area, which stretched as far as Namalemba. It was a great experience for all of us!

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