Malawi BMW Report

Greetings from Malawi!

Good things have been happening with the staff and students on their work projects at the base, as well as their ministries in the communities!

Work Projects

The Malawi BMW students have been hard at work on various projects around the base. Here is a short update on some of the things they’ve been doing. The students have been continuing working on the duck house, finishing building the walls. They are currently working on the pitch. The project has been slow because the bricks are being brought by hand from almost 300 meters away. Two students have also been working on building rabbit cages. Different pieces needed for the first cage are cut already. Some students have been taking care of different responsibilities here on property, some have been slashing, keeping the grass short as it is still our rainy season.


A few weeks ago, 5 students were sent for Door to Door ministry. They brought back a wonderful report. They were able to reach out 29 people and out of that 8 adults accepted Christ Jesus for their first time. Five people rededicated their lives to Christ. We did also send 5 students for Sunday school ministries in all three locations. Praise the Lord for these ministries!

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