Philippines Boot Camp

Philippines Boot CampGreetings from the Philippines!

Boot Camp is in full swing here! We have 13 leaders and 99 team members, a total of 112.  There are five teams:

  • Boat team Tacloban
  • Mandahilag Developmental
  • Choir & drama Nabunturan
  • Kalayagon Work TMIP-
  • Basketball & Clown

Orientation day is full  swing with the 112 kids on five teams, the classes started , bible memory verses and O.C Orientation, and is settling down into routine classes. Things are going well and the team members are picking up the concepts quickly.

Prayer needs:

  • Upcoming Commissioning – April 26,2009
  • Safety while travelling for the kids in their respective area
  • Good health for each of the team members and staff
  • For the water supply, that we will have clean water throughout Boot Camp, and for safety as we continue construction on the buildings here

Thank you and God bless!

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