Report from Australia


It has been a great week. We were a part of a youth festival called Easterfest. There were about 45,000 plus that attended this year. It is held in Toowoomba (about a 5 hour drive southwest from us) central park. They had a dozen or so tents and Christian groups from all over the world come and take part. Not bad for a first time tent. We built a mini OC and had Sumo suits and gave away free icy cups. By our count of icy cups that we gave away we had over 2000 take part running the oc or wrestling.  Not bad for 2 ½ days!


This past week we had over 1 meter of rain on our property and have been cut off from the rest of the world twice. Flooding in our area was severe, one gal lost her life as floodwater swept her car away and a child was swept away while crossing a spillway with some friends. A three-meter wall of water crashed through the small community of Kin Kin killing many livestock. The floodwaters cleared quickly. The lower half of our property still has a flowing river that was not there before. Three of our lodges had heavy water run through them but because of the way they are built, there were no damages.

Future Plans:

-Cleaning up, and putting everything away from Easterfest.
-We have a week long camp in this week, a coming camp mid next week and a camp coming in every weekend for the month of May. So will be doing a lot of cleaning around here.
-The building project is put on hold for the next week or so while we fix & repair our camp ground as we are getting ready for a month of camps in May. We have every weekend booked.

God bless you all!

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