Good reports from Zambia

Boot Camp:

We held the Commissioning Service the other day. There were 77 team members in the rally, which was held under the roof of the remodeled old building. There was much singing and praising! These team members were into it. Everyone was hoarse the next day!

At one point we called for some testimonies and this girl stood up to testify. What was on her heart was how thankful she was to Teen Missions for all that has been done to help her. She said she had to quit school because of the lack of support. Her grandparents were unable to pay school fees any longer. She was from Funda and when Teen Missions came to Funda, TMI helped her get back in school. Now she is continuing her education because of Teen Missions.

The staff and leaders both indicated to me that this boot camp was unique in the total lack of rebellion or disobedience. SB’s were rare. The truth is everyone that was there was a chosen one to be there. Not all could come. And there was no talk of leaving or how hard it was. In fact, Boot Camp was a step up from where they were living.

This Boot Camp was a life changer and a community changer. To have the Boot Camp in such a remote area and make it available to these children out in the bush was remarkable. It’s like we are starting all over agin with Boot Camps. The idea of taking the Boot Camp out to where the orphans are instead of bringing the orphans in to the city Boot Camp makes it a new experience for us, the orphans, and the community. I pray we will be able to continue these types of Boot Camps.

Lufwanyama Rescue Unit:

There are signs of life once again at this unit. They have been making “home” visits at least three days a week and working hard at meeting the orphans and their parents or guardians.  The place is looking like someone lives there. There is a fenced grass area around the house. They even have started a flower garden around the house. They’ve had a couple of camps and is having one this Saturday. They have been developing a vision for the work there and I feel this will be evident to the people there and they will start once again to come to the unit as a community center.

Luswishi Rescue Unit:

I wish you all could see how this unit operates. It is a beehive of activity. To me this unit is an example of how a unit should be. Kids are everywhere. You can tell they are loved.  There is a queue for the grinding mill, another queue at the kiosk, and people are waiting under the shelter for medical attention. They have five new goat shelters for the new goat clubs. They have two huge maize fields and are building a maize drying shelter and a second granary. They have harvested enough grounds so that the Mothers Seminar can have ground nuts for the year.

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