Malawi BMW report

Animal report:

Our four English students have been doing very good in taking care of different
responsibilities. One student has been working on fixing rabbit cages, which are coming up good, another one student has been taking care of the pigs and chickens. The third student has been working after cows, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls and the doves.

Outreach report:

The students are now carrying out Sunday School Lessons at our nearby units.
The attendance has not been very encouraging but as we move on we are hoping for an improvement. The classes are getting positive responses. The students have been presenting the lessons excitingly.
Over every start period of time from when our students started the Door to Door
ministry in the villages surrounding us, there has been an overwhelming demand for the Bible Study Groups which we used to have before. This has proven to us that our ministry in these villages which has lasted many years still has the value and people are not yet contented. People are still wanting the word of God.

Student Testimony:

My name is Yohane Francisco Kamwendo and I am 22 years old. It was in 2008, July 28 I join BMW here in Malawi and I am now doing my second term. I am happy that I can this time write my Testimony, testifying how my spiritual and physical life has benefited within these two terms.
Spiritually, it is true that I joined or started BMW while I was already born again Christian. But since that time I joined the school, I have seen a great change in my spiritual life. At first It was hard for me to have a devotion prayers each and every day, I had no chance of studying more about God’s words preaching what I was not supposed to preach, but indeed I have seen His (God) constant love. Now I am able to share what God has challenged to my fellow Christians and also to those people who have not yet accepted Christ to be their personal Lord and Saviour.
Physically, again in this part I have learn t a lot first within these full two terms. I have known I have to make doors for animal’s pens, how to fed pigs and chickens, building and making trusses and how to communicate with different kinds of people.
I am so thankful that I can have the great opportunity of studying God’s words and learnings various things. I have and believe that God is going to teach more than what I have been taught already.

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